Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on Murray.....

Just a quick update on Murray. He went to the vet yesterday and had his first checkup. He is doing well , as well as can be expected. He has to have us help him poop...we stand him up so he can accomplish this, a lot of work still a head. His leg where he has the pin is healing nicely , but we still have 7 more weeks of him in a crate and off his feet. We take him out a couple of times a day and let him sit in the grass , so he can enjoy the sunshine and just not be in confinement for a while. He is a really good boy, I know he sometimes whines at night, but his condition is not natural for any dog.

A lot of you have asked me how the fundraising is going....from what I know we are about 1/3 of the way to our goal. We still need help.....if you can please go to Husky Haven and give a donation for Murray....we appreciate all of your help.
I have decided to challenge myself for the next month....I will be posting every day. There is always a ton to talk about.....just have to make myself sit down and do that. Wish me luck
Have a wonderful evening!!!!


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    1. He's going to be a beautiful boy once he gets well and on his feet again!!!!