Sunday, December 4, 2016

Miss Sukari.....

I posted a month or so ago that we had gone to Bridgeland just before Halloween and Sukari was the highlight of the day. We had a bunch of people come back and look at her many times and I was absolutely positive that we would be flooded with applications to adopt her.
Who could resist that face?
And then, as it goes a lot in rescue, a week passed and no apps for any of the dogs at the show. I can tell you sometimes I get really down when we do so much work and I feel we aren't helping.
But, the next day an application did come in for Sukari and it was the family I hoped would adopt her. First time dog owners, and we all know Huskies can be a handful, but they really fell in love with her. They came out the next weekend with their son, who had a great time with Sukari, and decided she was the dog for them. I told them I could do the home check and bring her the next day. They asked me for a list of necessities for her and we were set up. I arrived with Sukari and the house was perfect....the fence had problems that could be fixed pretty easily....but I didn't know if I should leave her or not , but our director and I talked and decided as long as they fixed the fence we could make it work. They had everything set up for I was leaving they were getting ready for a walk but I got a pic before they took off......

So happy for her and Joshua has a new companion!!!
Love you little girl......have a wonderful life!!
Oh and they fixed the fence the next day.....
Have a great afternoon....

Friday, December 2, 2016

Senior Saturday.......

November was Adopt-A-Senior pet month. With that thought we decided to get some of the senior kids out for an afternoon of fun with the public. Kaila gets to go a lot of places and Baci sometimes, but Bono almost never gets out. He has a few quirks so we decided that a small show would be a good place for his introduction. Let me tell you he had the time of his life, the girls did as well!! I've really been pushing lately to get some of the older dogs into's a hard sell. I know there have to be people out there that would love to have a senior for a few years....look how cute they are....
Baci is 11 but still has lots of energy!!! 
Bono, 7, having a great time with Bobby!!!
11 year old Kaila would just love to cuddle with you!!!
I'm hoping soon that we can get these kids in a wonderful homes!!!!
Have a great evening.......see you very soon!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016


I actually like the show we do at's close to where I am and only 6 hours of work on a Saturday!!! So we went to Bridgeland on October 29th.
I have to say I missed this show last year, Lizzy was sick to her stomach and I couldn't leave her all day. Rained last year, this year it was 90 degrees....under the tent it was a few degrees hotter....couldn't get cloud cover or a breeze all day. In Houston you never know what you're going to get at this time of year!!!! Anyway...I got a late note from one of my volunteers that she couldn't make it that day and so I decided to pick up Sukari so at least we would have a dog. Good call on my part...Miss Sukari was the only dog there from about 10 till 11:30...she didn't mind though, she loves to be the belle of the ball!!
Sukari looking pretty!!!
Poor Michelle and her sister were supposed to bring two dogs....had a dead battery...but still got there with two dogs before noon!!! Considering the heat and all the people we really did have a good time. We sold lots of merchandise and got a few applications for adoption I am working on. Have to thank Laura for helping me set-up and all my volunteers...Michelle, Heather, Sameera, Alex, Brianna, Jon and Faith.

Drifter is so sweet!!!

 Sapphire chilling!!!
Kaila checking things out!!!!

We did have fun.....I hope everyone agrees....I know the dogs slept well that night....hopefully just another step to getting them forever homes.....
Miss you Miss Liz....
Have a great evening!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Weekend......

So last Saturday we took our dogs to Houston Baptist University. HBU's mascot is from Husky Haven so they asked me five months ago to help put together an event with them. Of course I was thrilled and got my friend, Denise, involved with me. We had pics taken with the women's basketball team, meetings, etc. Denise and I worked tirelessly for the October 15th date when HBU would have homecoming and we would have a huge event. Best laid plans......needless to say. I am going to write some more and share more pics, but suffice to say our dogs had the very best time. I have a few pics here and a lot more to come.....thanks Lady Huskies for loving on the dogs!!!
Amika front, Kaskea in the back


Kaila watching the game with her buddy, Nache

Sapphire having the best time.....
These were my pics, but I'm going to be posting pictures taken by Laura, they are so much more professional!!!!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ten years.....

Kind of a strange day to come back to my blog.....ten years ago my mom died. I think about her everyday and will never forget her. I found this picture when I was cleaning out the house.....she was beautiful. I repost this poem....could not have said it better....
Love you Mom..........and Lizzy and Ash.....miss all of you

In honor of my grandmother." VIRGINIA RUTH BAUMGARTNER June 2, 1928 - October 12, 2006 
In honor of your memory I took paper to pen; 
I never knew the real you who you were or where you've been. 
I only knew the woman who'd put a smile on my face; 
I never knew the story behind the wrinkles on your face. 
The many storms you weathered and the calms when you made peace; 
I wish I had been old enough to learn the secrets that you'd keep. 
So, without you we wander on into the rest of our lives; 
Without the wisdom we could've gained when you were alive. 
We wander on... I wrote these words for you for the rest of them to hear; 
It's time for you to move along to eternity without fear. 
And may you now be at peace in a place without love or hate; 
Where everything is perfect beyond life's golden gates. 
The rest of us will strive and struggle and keep you in our hearts; 
I'll always remember this piece of wisdom The whole is the sum of it's parts. 
A time will come when we're all gone we'll see each other again; 
I wish you could have taught me more and I'm sure you will again. 
I won't forget the time we shared I will not forget you; 
It wasn't until your time had come that you taught me what you knew. 
Forgive me as I wander on... R.I.P. Virginia Baumgartner; 
What you couldn't teach me in life I learned only by your death. 
Written by Ian Poole October 13, 2006

Saturday, September 3, 2016

6 Weeks......

I know I haven't been posting...I really have a lot of stories to tell...but the last few weeks feel I've felt so unmotivated. Miss Lizzy so quiet and different here without her. All of her stuff is still there....crate, blanket, food bowl...I just can't move it , it will probably be there for a long time. I know there is no time limit on Mom has been gone ten years and I feel that every day. When they called me a couple of weeks ago to pick her up , I was, of course, hoping for this.......

But instead got this.....

Not quite the same....but she will always be there. The boys are having a power struggle to figure out who is going to fill the one can. She always kept them in line, didn't realize it so much till now. Love you Lizzy.........
Have a nice holiday weekend......

Friday, July 29, 2016


It isn't anymore. I will be keeping my blog title even though my girl passed this last weekend. I want to honor her in any way I can.....
Here's what happened. In my last blog post I commented that she was on anti nausea and diarrhea meds for the last two weeks. She seemed to be ok but was having a hard time with food despite the meds. I talked to my doc and she told me if they weren't working it might be time to make that hard decision. Last Friday she slept all day and I tried to get her out for a walk, but there was absolutely no interest. She ate some , but not a normal amount.....she threw it up anyway. Saturday morning I went to the rescue like I always do, when I came back she had thrown up the little she had eaten. When she stepped out of her crate her poor belly was swollen three or four times its regular size and all she could do was walk around in circles, drink water and throw up. My son and I got her in the car and went straight to the vets, I was hoping my personal vet was there and thank goodness she was. When I walked in they asked what was going on.....I told them I thought it was time and some of the girls teared up because they had been working with Miss Lizzy for so long.They have a private space for this now....quiet and away from the front and other rooms. When the doc saw her she know it was time....I knew in my head but to this day not in my heart. They gave her a sedative and I got a chance to hold her and say my last goodbyes...then the meds and it was over in a second. I stayed in that room 45 minutes just holding and rocking her. I know she is in a better place....and I know the last two years were tough on her.....she made it 18 months longer than was expected. I miss her like crazy....many times this week I have been looking for her when I let the others out, only to realize she will never be there. Run free my beautiful, sweet girl.....
A picture of her paw as I was leaving the room.....