Sunday, September 2, 2018


Just as I was getting back to my blog and social media....that all came crashing down. Unfortunately my father died on August 11th. Not completely unexpected but certainly faster than I would have imagined possible. Less than four months ago he was diagnosed with a nasty skin cancer and then gone. Last year he started having health problems and I think that's why it got him so fast....his age didn't help either. At 92 he survived WWII so he could go to school and received his PhD in Chemistry. He had a long work career with one of the big oil companies and really did right by my mom, me and my sis and bro. I took care of both my parents for the last 20 years, last 7 almost daily with dad, this year everyday. It will be kind of strange...used to having that be part of my day. Dad and I didn't always see eye to eye.....but I will miss even our disagreements.
It's been a daunting task to put together a funeral, burial, and take care of all the paperwork and calls that come at the end of a life. I had the funeral mass he wanted and his burial was at the VA with a flag folding ceremony he would have really liked. I have included a bunch of pictures from different times in his life........


Mom and Dad's wedding 1950

The three of us late 1950's
Christmas 2014 with my brother and son

My brother, sister and son at the Veterans Cemetary
Flag folding

Flag folding
Miss you a lot dad....