Saturday, March 29, 2014

Miss Kloe......

So a couple of weeks age we rescued little Kloe from animal control. She was a baby a few months old.....picked up by herself. Animal control is not a real good place for puppies....especially without mom and the immunity they get from her milk. She seemed okay and we got someone to step up to foster her!!!! We had her for the next few days and she was good....but then she woke up with a snotty nose and wouldn't eat or drink, and was terribly lethargic. That usually means something bad from distemper to keep your fingers crossed that it is only an upper respiratory infection. We feed her by had but she wasn't hungry and not drinking was bad. We got her on some meds and hoped for the best. The first few days were not good , although she started drinking water and was at least moving around. Last weekend she started improving....I had her out on the lawn and she was running when I decided to give her a cookie.....and she ate it...and three or four others. After that she started playing, drinking and eating....she still had a bit of a stuffy nose.....but much better. I hope we dodged the parvo or distemper....she is still on meds.

I know she's not a pure husky....but she's very cute!!!! Her fosters came and picked her up today....hopefully she will contintue to improve!!!! We wish her the very best.....
You have a great Saturday!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Vintage Park.....Once More

So last Sunday we were at Vintage Park again.....I like it because it's kind of informal and we're only there for four hours!!! I decided to take one of the dogs that doesn't get out much, Daddy-O. He's super sweet and I can't figure out why he hasn't been adopted. He was pretty stinky and blowing coat so my friend and I decided to give him a bath on Saturday. We took him to this place that has indoor baths and warm water, they also supply the shampoo and towels. In the bath next to us was a Samoyed , another double coated dog. By the end of the bath there was so much fur, I felt really bad for the girl working there. We offered to help clean up, but she said it was her job, not to worry.....but it was a mess...I hope they will let us back!!!! On Sunday, it was really crappy weather and we didn't know if it was going to rain. It didn't so we went. It was terribly cold and windy though. We were supposed to meet up with our friends from In the Name of Zoey, but I got a text that their parrot flew out the back door and they couldn't leave it was just Husky Haven. We did have Izzy show up from In the Name of Zoey with her foster mom!!!We had Silver and Wayne along with Daddy-O, but not too many people showed up because of the weather.
Daddy-O and Wayne

Wanye and Silver rekindling their bromance!!!!





Izzy......from In the Name of Zoey

Izzy again...she is such a sweet girl!!!!
I was freezing my butt off, and decided that since the other guys weren't coming....besides Izzy, that we'd call it a day at four. Around three the wind started getting really bad....I was fearing for our tent....when a huge gust came and took our tent down the walkway towards the parking lot!!! Luckily everyone in Natural Pawz came running out to help us grab it before anyone got hurt!!!! At that point I looked at the girls and asked them if we were over for the day.....they said yes. I was happy that it was such a terrible day....hardly anyone was walking around.....that tent would have hurt. Note to self.....get the weights from Cyndii!!!! So that was our fun day.....gonna do it again tomorrow.....hopefully without incident!!!
Have a great day!!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


So many jobs this week....can't believe another week has gone by!!!! I have some really good foster stories to share with you today.....
A couple of weeks ago my ex-boyfriend sent me a pic and a story about a lost Husky....his name is Sydney and he was found wandering around Houston. The lady who found him had him checked out , he was heartworm negative and in good condition.....just very underweight. We figured he'd been out on the streets for awhile.His name was on his collar, but of course no chip or any other ID. I posted him immediately to Husky Haven FB....and we got a foster for him in a few hours!!!! One of our previous adopters decided to take Sydney in and get him a great foster home till we can find him something permanent.

This is Sydney and Bear in their backyard!!!! Bear is the black and white and I guess you can guess who Syd is!!! It's so great to have some adopters that will help out in a short amount of time!!!
Now Jyll I've talked about a little before. She is the girl we got a couple of years ago that didn't have a hair on her. Part was mange....part probably burns.....but it took a long time for her to look ok. She still has areas that are scarred...will probably never clear up.

I don't have a really good pic of her, but you can tell on her legs she has lots of scars.....anyway, last Saturday a guy came over to fill out some paperwork....he was going to take a dog in one of the shelters. He looked around and decided that he would at least foster until that went through. He asked me what girl was in most need and I said Jyll. Well he took her home that day and she is fitting in well with his other two Huskies. He is still trying to see if that other dog will work with his pack....but for now Jyll has a wonderful place to live. It was so exciting...all of us there that day were so happy!!!!
So that's my stories for today.....I am going to push myself to write more often!!!
Have a wonderful day......

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Some Stuff.....

Busy, busy week....but back to posting!!!! So first a little bitching!!! Last week I thought this terrible winter was over....we actually had a couple of days in the 70's!!! That all stopped Sunday, when I got up to take care of dogs it was in the 20's and raining....crazy. This is what it looked like Tuesday morning....
Yes, people that is ice all over those trees....I live in Houston, not supposed to be happening in March. Luckily the temps have gone up, we are no longer freezing and I hope that's it....I just can't handle it!!! Okay...I'm done with that.
Sunday night I went to help with the dogs and we had some previous adopters there. They had decided to pick glad he is finally getting his chance. Like I said they've had Huskies before, so they know what to expect. I forgot my camera...wasn't expecting anyone....but their son gave me his phone so I could get a pic before they left.
Solomon has decided to be a lap dog....they really didn't care either!!!! So glad for him, their son is going to work at training happy!!!
One last thing for today....Happy Birthday son....have a great time you.
Have a great evening......

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Two Years.....

Two years ago this weekend I started this blog. It's been so great meeting new people and checking out other blogs. I want to thank you for supporting's to many more years of dogs!!!!