Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's been a while I know.....many things have changed. Due to a health scare, I will not be doing Husky Haven daily work. I'm not feeling that well and it's time for me to take some time for myself. I will also not be involved in any shows....at least through the rest of the year. In the two and a half years since I retired, not one day has gone by that I was not actively working with the dogs and daily doing paperwork to help with grants, etc. It's time for a rest. I will still be doing my blog....but you will probably getting more stories about my dogs and other things. I'm hoping that in a month or so I feel better and can be doing more for HH again.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


So I wanted to do a quick update on Murray. Don't know if you remember him. We picked him up at the end of January this year from animal control. When we came to get him we were told he had a broken shoulder, but he also had a fractured pelvis. After putting pins in his shoulder he basically was in his crate all the time. We would have to hoist him out when he needed to pee. We never figured he'd make such a wonderful recovery!!!

These were some pics I took right after his surgery.....he was one hurting boy!!! I felt so sorry for him being confined as he was......but he is one resilient boy....as you can tell in this video I took a week or so ago!!!
He's still looking for a good home.....if you are interested in him or any of our other beautiful kids, please go to  Husky Haven and check them out. I want to thank Murray for showing everyone he doesn't need help to get up and pee anymore!!!
Have a great rest of the weekend........
Go Texans!!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


A few months ago I mentioned that we had puppies. The momma, she is part Siberian, but whoever the dad was he definitely was another breed. The mom and all nine puppies were set to be put down, but one of our volunteers took all ten. Thanks Angie!!! The puppies are now around four months old, and I had never seen any of them till last week. We need to get them adopted, so we are bringing them to our directors house two at a time to get spay/neutered. They are super cute, but they aren't huskies!!!! We weren't getting much interest on them through the Husky Haven website so I am getting them listed through some all breed rescues....and now our first two have some applications!!! I want to thank Twyla's Friends and Busters' Friends for helping us out. The first two ready to go are Alice and Duncan.

The two of them!!!!
As you can see they did not want to stand still for their photo op!!!! Once again I am asking for help....all nine plus mom need to spay/neutered and update their shots, mom also needs to be treated for heartworms.....of course. If you can help , please go to Husky Haven to donate.
I've included a video I made of them a couple of days ago.....it's a little better, I think!!!
Thanks again.....have a great Labor Day Weekend....be careful!!!