Sunday, January 26, 2014

BLD Update.....

Been getting really far behind in dog updates......I'm so busy I haven't gotten around to blogging...that changes today. So we will start with BLD. Our director had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and we tried to get as many dogs as we could into foster care for a month or so. So my granddaughter , Julia (not really my granddaughter, but I treat her like she's mine) and her family decided to foster Mr. BLD. I wasn't sure he would get along with her dog Emme, but was willing to give it a try!!As it turns out, Emme loves BLD.....and so does the rest of the family!!! He is having a great time and being spoiled to death, he deserves that after all the crap he went through in 2012. You can see by the pics he is doing well!!!!

I'm so happy he is having a wonderful time!!!!
BLD with Julia's bro, Nathan...

Julia with BLD and Emme!!!!!
I have a ton more updates.......will be a lot more coming this week....
Have a great weekend!!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Arctic Games

So yesterday we were at the Arctic Games. You may ask, what exactly is that? Well , it was a super fun event where you have your dogs do a weight pull, do urban mushing, take a bike ride with your dog and many other great exercises. Husky Haven and TAMR (Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue) worked together to bring this great event together. We also had t-shirts, a silent auction and a raffle. Most of us from Husky Haven worked the silent auction....sadly we didn't really get to bring our dogs....that was the only downside for us. We had the event in a local dog park and the day turned out to be really beautiful. It was a very unique event....don't think it's ever been done in Houston.....and hopefully it will be an annual thing. But enough of my talking.....I have a ton of pictures to give you a better idea.

Weight Pull

Area for Urban Mushing

Weight Pull
Silent Auction with Barb and Donna


Our huge Husky  welcoming you

And a ton of beautiful dogs........

We all had a great time.....looking forward to next year!!!!
Have a wonderful afternoon......go Seahawks!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014


I have to make this a quick post tonight....I know I haven't been around. Our director had surgery last week and I have been there a lot. But I have to say thanks to all of you that have stepped up....helping me out at night and in the afternoon. And all of you that took fosters. I would name names but be afraid I'd forget I love you all....I'll have some updates soon , just bear with me....thanks for all the support.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Six Years Ago Today............

I knocked on a door that would profoundly change my life.
Let me backtrack a bit...I never was a dog person...always had cats. My son got a Husky and I was happy about that...but for so many reasons it didn't work out. Because of that I wanted to use my time for rescue dogs. I figured there had to be a husky rescue in Houston and I found Husky Haven. At the first of the year in 2008 I contacted them and found out they had a work day on the 8th of January. So I knocked on that door....and when I opened it an 80 pound Husky bounded out. I know I stood there for about  2 minutes....should I go back to my car and get away or should I suck it up and walk in....of course I walked in and the dog was picked up by the girls a minute later. I have learned so much , and found my best friends through Husky Haven. I never knew rescue could also rescue me........
Happy Birthday Pat.......