Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We had a couple of adoptions that resulted from our work at Pet Fest last weekend!!! A couple of little girls went to their forever homes......
Shara was adopted last week.....she is a little girl, probably not much more than a year old, that we rescued with her litter mate Shyloe. We don't know much about her, just that she was picked up by animal control and then came to us. I have contacted the adopters and hope to get some pics soon of her in her new home.....have a wonderful time , little girl!!!!
Little Shara!!!!
Lottie, my foster, went to her forever home today......
Lottie with her new Dad, Jason!!!
She will be in a home with Mom, Dad, and two kids....and a tiny beagle/Schnauzer mix named Dixie. I already have a pic of her sitting in the living room enjoying a bone!!!!!
I never got a chance to include Lottie's back story, so this would be a good time......Lottie actually ended up at the SPCA....we rescued her from there. She was tossed from a moving car and landed in a ditch. The car following that car was too shocked to get the license number , but did run and get her to safety. She had many serious abrasions, was very skinny and couple of teeth had come through the side of her mouth......amazingly no broken bones!!!! She also is so loving and sweet......any dog that goes through that , and probably what proceeded it.......well, you would think they would be afraid of everyone.....not Miss Lottie!!!!
Her face a few months ago in the process of healing where the teeth had come through.

I thought I had a better pic....you can't really see well all the skin and hair she was missing underneath.....
But, here's what she looked like leaving today......
Love you Lottie, I know you have a terrific home!!!!!
More updates soon...........

Monday, October 29, 2012


Last Saturday we worked the Howl-O-Ween event in a nearby neighborhood, Bridgeland. We've been working this for the last few years , it's relaxed and we have a really good time!! This will be mostly in pictures.....I have quite a lot and I want to post most of them. Special thanks go to the crew.....Julia, April, Brandon, Becky and Cyndii.....can't do it without you!!!
April and Julia....working on a pumpkin Friday before the show!!!

Brandon working on dog treats!!!

My kitchen had the most activity I've seen in a long time!!!

Set up Saturday morning, it was cold and super windy......

Miss Lottie......

So pretty in pink she gets another picture!!!!


Brandon....working on finishing our beautiful booth!!!

Lazarus with his buddy, Julia.....

Laz goofing around with Brandon....

Our booth looked fantastic!!!!

Brandon and Julia with Laz.......

April with Lottie.....

Laz found himself a girlfriend......

He really liked Gigi.....was his first experience at a show.....I'll take him with me anywhere!!!!
Enjoy the pics.....in a few days, BLD's name.....and adoptions from Pet Fest!!!!! Hopefully some new puppy pics!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pet Fest Part 2.....

I wanted to show a few more pictures of our weekend at Pet Fest.....I have some more of our dogs and also from some friends at other great places in Houston!!!!
Here is one of our babies...Jack. He was there with his foster Mom, Shelley. He is incredibly well behaved and loves all dogs, large and small.
Here is Lottie....I've mentioned her before....she is my foster....she was also great at the show.

This is Tilton getting love from Brandon and Julia!!!! He is a beautiful, good-natured red and white......as always if you are interested in Jack, Tilton or Lottie....please go to Husky Haven and check them and all our dogs out!!!
While Huskies are my fav dogs....I consider myself a rescuer first and foremost....I have many other dogs I love and would like to show some of the wonderful rescues and groups here.
This is Jagger......he and his Mom are with Treat 'Em Right Rescue. As you can see he's had a hard life , but is now a celebrity in Houston!!!! This group rescues Pit Bulls and other bully breeds.....please take a look.
This is Molly....she is with Best Friends FurEver. This is an all breed rescue, I play and have fun with many of their Pits at a kennel we have some dogs in. Since I see their dogs often....I am going to start putting one of the dogs in my blog every week or so, they need a bunch of love too!!!!
This is Oakley....in a beautiful outfit, with her Dad Dave. Dave and his wife Lynne run K9 Airlift....they transport rescues all over the country to areas with less overpopulation!!!! Please check them out, they do fantastic things and I'm honored to be their friend.
Of course I can't close without having a few more Husky pics.......
Amber, from our rescue, out and about with her Mom, Donna!!!!

Jack, Kia and Lottie having a love fest....the theme was Woofstock after all!!!!

Lottie, giving a sniff to Honey....she is our directors son's baby!!!
Hope you enjoy the pics....and , of course, I want you to adopt from us.....but all rescue is good!!!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


For those of you that made it by, and those of you that couldn't....we had a great time this weekend. It was super hot , but we're good. Have a few pics for tonight....will have more the next couple of days.
Want to say thanks to the new crew.....love you guys!!!

Brandon with Tilton, Julia and April!!!

Please go to Coffee with a Canine and read my interview.....was so thrilled to be asked to do that!!!
Have a ton more pics soon!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm getting remiss.....

First I want to say thank you to all of you that posted on my blog and Facebook last Friday......that day is always hard for me.....so again thanks.

We've had a ton of adoptions and fosters....I hope I don't forget anyone.......
Our first little girl was Miss Angelina....she was never posted on the website!!!! She became the foster of the family that had fostered Denver and got him adopted, they took her and a couple of weeks later found a new forever home for her!!! She was a sweet , calm girl....I know she'll have a wonderful life!!
Karina also got adopted a couple of weeks ago.I don't know if you remember , but she was the Momma of the six puppies we got back in January. This is what she looked like about eight months ago.....
And here's what she looked like the day she got adopted......
She has really filled out nicely.....looking good......she also went to a wonderful home......I miss her everyday!!
Tamara....who was taken by our friend , Val , last month.....was also adopted a couple of weeks later.....here she is with her new family!!!!
The family that adopted Tamara decided she needed a running buddy......so they decided to foster Shara!!!!
Shara and Tamara!!!
So Val then decided to foster , Shyloe, Shara's litter mate!!!!
Looks comfy doesn't she!!!!!
And finally, at least for tonight is my new foster, Lottie!!! I have a story to tell about how she got to us but that is for another day!!!!
Sweet, calm Lottie......she doesn't know what to do with my three!!!
If any of you are in the Houston area....please come and see us at Pet Fest this weekend......a bunch of these fosters and more will be there waiting for you to give them some love.......Pet Fest Old Town Spring...here is the info for you to check it out.....
Have a wonderful evening!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today....six years ago.......

So for the first time something personal and sad for me.....no dogs today....just something about me. Six years ago tonight my Mom died....I wasn't there and I hate myself for that. I loved her so much....the few years before she died were fraught with her dementia......so hard. I don't really want to do anything more  than just honor her and say I love her still.....I miss you Mom so much.........
Mom on her wedding day 1950

Mom and Dad August 1950
My son wrote something for her to read at her wake and funeral.........I had to have the priest read it because I cried every time.......
In honor of my grandmother." VIRGINIA RUTH BAUMGARTNER June 2, 1928 - October 12, 2006 
In honor of your memory I took paper to pen; 
I never knew the real you who you were or where you've been. 
I only knew the woman who'd put a smile on my face; 
I never knew the story behind the wrinkles on your face. 
The many storms you weathered and the calms when you made peace; 
I wish I had been old enough to learn the secrets that you'd keep. 
So, without you we wander on into the rest of our lives; 
Without the wisdom we could've gained when you were alive. 
We wander on... I wrote these words for you for the rest of them to hear; 
It's time for you to move along to eternity without fear. 
And may you now be at peace in a place without love or hate; 
Where everything is perfect beyond life's golden gates. 
The rest of us will strive and struggle and keep you in our hearts; 
I'll always remember this piece of wisdom The whole is the sum of it's parts. 
A time will come when we're all gone we'll see each other again; 
I wish you could have taught me more and I'm sure you will again. 
I won't forget the time we shared I will not forget you; 
It wasn't until your time had come that you taught me what you knew. 
Forgive me as I wander on... R.I.P. Virginia Baumgartner; 
What you couldn't teach me in life I learned only by your death. 
Written by Ian Poole October 13, 2006


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finally......it really happened!!!!!

Well, Wednesday it finally happened.......BLD is free of everything.......no apparatus, no cast, nothing!!!! He is , of course, still not putting full weight on that leg......but that will take time. You'd never know that anything happened to him......I think the biggest toll was on us, his caregivers (our director with me helping), the last four months!!! We will be naming him soon, although there is disagreement on the name at this point........we'll figure it out. So, thought you'd like some pics of our boy the last few days.........

We can always use donations.....still trying to finish paying off the BLD bills.......please go to www.huskyhaven.org and send a donation our way via Paypal. Thanks so much to all of you that have been supporting us during this long process........Later

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Catching up........

Didn't realize that it had been a week since I posted!!!! So much stuff to do....can't stay on top of things.Did want to catch up with a few things though.......Here's BLD yesterday, he got another present from his friend , Cheryl, he had fun with that!!!

Thanks, Cheryl!!!!
This morning he goes to the vet......we will see if he gets his cast off.....if so, the real rehab begins.......wish us luck!!!!
Miss Nyla is doing great....she is eating and drinking on her own.....never thought she'd pull through.....she is one tough sixteen year old dog!!!! A week ago I thought she couldn't make it.....hey, what do I know!!!
I hope to get some new pics of the babies, they were eight months old last week......hard to believe so much time has gone by......will have updates soon!!!
Have a wonderful day......I'll update BLD soon......Later