Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reliant Show 2013.....

So last weekend , well technically, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we worked the Reliant show. We do this every year, it's great exposure for the dogs, and a lotta work for us!!! First I have to thank the greatest crew around....Becks and Cyndii for working the whole three days, Barbie, Krista, Donna, John and Faith for bringing Pi, Charlene and Sammy for bringing Sassy and our newbies Sarah and Dee. We can't do it without all of you, so thanks again.
Today I'm going to focus on the dogs we brought and I'll have another post for all the other dogs and activities!!!!




Becky must have had something interesting in her hand to get all that attention from Gunter and Ciella!!!

Pi in the front Jyll in the back

Sassy and Pi

Sassy was not disturbed by the toy Sammy threw on her head!!!

Ciella and Gunter resting after a long day!!!

Sammy holding Sassy
Gunter was pretty worn out after three days....he was a trooper though!!!
Thanks again everyone, thanks to the dogs, we all know how hard it is to be loved on all day!!!!
Have a great evening.....

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm Back.......

Well...I wasn't really gone, just working a lot!!! First order of business is to invite all of you in the Houston area to join us for the Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. We will be there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend. It's a lot of fun and you can see our beautiful dogs!!!!
So we had a bunch of adoptions, let's start with this last weekend. We had a guy from Austin send us a note via Facebook about a dog I had posted on our page. The dog was to be put down on the fifth of July and we put a hold on him so Eric could see him. He fell in love and the rest is history. We had him fixed and Eric picked him up last Saturday!!!

He's a really sweet boy....and he was so close to not being around anymore!!! We really thank Eric for helping this boy. He also took a foster that day....Jolene. She was also very close to reaching her last day when we took her in. I'm so glad he took both these kids and will have them in a safe place from now on!!!
Have a lot of fun with your new friend!!!!
I will be posting pics from the show over the weekend.....hope you can make it!!!
Have a great day.....

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!!!

I wish all of you a very happy 4th......please be careful out there, a lot of people celebrate a bit too excessively, so take care. It's 9:30 and I just finished my 14 hour pet sitting day. Hence the reason you haven't seen much of me. That will soon be over and I will be back to some more regular hours!!! So tonight I'm going to leave you with a picture....but not a Husky. Our director has the acre lot next to her house and rents it out to one of her neighbors for his mini-horses!!! These guys are so cute, and they only stand as tall as my waist!!! Last year I noticed one of the females was pregnant, she had a baby last May that I call Ally. I noticed Mom looked pregnant this spring also, well last week when they went to feed the horses, she had given birth to a new baby. I got a pic of Mom and baby, baby is about a week old. One of these days I'll show you the whole family!!!

Happy 4th....have a great evening.....