Monday, July 30, 2012

Some more pics......

BLD has a plea before I get into my post...........
Will you help name me ....the contest is still on!!!!

So I wanted to post some more pics I took at Reliant....of our dogs and other dogs at the show......
Gunter.....he will have a new foster dad soon!!!!

Miss Effie

Effie and Kia

Effie, Gunter and in the corner, Teddy....he was adopted from us many years ago!!!

Baskin came with his dad.....

Skylar and his foster parents.....

And Billy!!!!!!
I guess I didn't get a good shot of Tilton......And Denver was not being cooperative with me......but it looks like he might have gotten a new home.....paws crossed!!!!!!
We had a good time and the dogs all did really well.
Wanted to include a few shots of some other dogs........This is Nicholas....a wonderful service dog across the aisle from me.....
I watched him all weekend , when people would come to see him, especially those wheelchair bound, he would go and open a cooler, take out a bottle of water and bring it to that person....he is so sweet and loving....I even got to babysit him a few times over the course of the show.....if you are in need or just want to read about these wonderful dogs, go to and check it out. Love you Nicholas!!!
I have a friend I see at shows that is a big Husky lover....he also is involved with Greater Houston German Shepard Dog Rescue. He had come over to chat during the course of the show and I wanted to return the favor and check out the dogs he was working with. I was taking a few shots of the dogs and realized I had just taken a pic of one of our volunteers!!! I already knew he was working with the group......and had a foster. He is still a volunteer for us.....and I admire him for working with two rescues....wish we had a lot more people like him around!!!!

Braveheart and his foster dad!!!!!

Please go to to check out their German Shepards and read about their rescue!!!!
That's all for now.....some adoption updates and other info coming very soon.......please remember BLD!!!!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I've been so terrible..........

I should have been posting all week.......but so busy. So many things going on.......first, check it out!!

This was Miss Effie going to her new home last's a foster to adoption....and she was so excited!!! I love my pretty girl and hope everything works out great for her.
Here she was last weekend with her good friend Mark!!!!
So on the 26th our puppies turned 6 months.....can't believe that amount of time has gone by.....have a few of the adopters I keep up with....but last weekend was such a great surprise. Billy was one of my favorites and I hadn't seen him since he was adopted. On Saturday, his Mom came by to say Hi....he looks so great.....

Remember this.......
They grow up so fast...........
Here was Lilly/Lizzy this last week.........
Remember when she looked like this.........
I do miss my little kids.......but so happy they are happy........
Could not it go without a pic of BLD from this morning.......
He still needs help with his name....please help this beautiful boy!!!!You know what to do, go to our Paypal at donate $20.00 and a great new name...I promise I'll send you a shirt.......take care and go USA in  the Olympics!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Last week was busy and crazy!!! Reliant dog show for four days....I'm just getting caught up with everything!!! Really Thursday and Friday were pretty light traffic......that was a good thing......the weekend however was so crowded....I don't think I ever stopped talking........but I'm good at that. The first thing I have to do is thank the wonderful Husky Haven volunteers that took time out of their weekend to work the show!!! So a huge thanks to : Cyndii, Becky, Barb, Donna M, Krista, Donna and her husband Tracy, Felicia and her husband Mark, Alicia and her husband Blake. Also want to welcome our newest, and youngest volunteer, Haven!!! She is my friend Cyndii's granddaughter......she had a blast with us on Friday and was even passing out info for us!!!
Miss Haven

As you can see she has her very own Husky Haven tee-shirt, she was one of the group!!!! Also have to thank the dogs that spent so much time there.....not that it was hard when they had people loving on them all day!!! Effie and Gunter spent three full days there....they were tired by Sunday!! We also had Tilton, Kia and Denver spend some time over the weekend....they will all be in my next post. I have some others to thank too......TAMR, the Malamute rescue for ten huge bags of food, my friend , Lynne , from K-9 Airlift for her huge bag of food donated to us. Purina gave us boxes of treats and food at the end of the show, Lisa Welch donated a gorgeous ring...we will be auctioning that stay tuned. Thanks , too,to Chris and his Mom for the generous donation of their delicious cinnamon pecans and almonds. 
I love Huskies, but being at the show I would be remiss not to mention some other dogs and rescues that are doing great work. This is Belle, a three year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix, she was a sweet girl and I hope she too gets a forever home.......
Sweet , lovely Belle!!!!
She was giving me kisses the whole time I was with her........go to and see her story. 
I think it's about time to wrap up....but I will be having tons of stories over the week about our time this year at Reliant.
Can't go however without mentioning BLD. Our contest is still on....although we have some absolutely stellar names. Remember to go to our Paypay at and donate $20.00 and give us an unusual name, I'll send a shirt and whoever wins gets one of my custom pieces of jewelry.
I'm learning how to climb again!!!!!
How can you resist that face!!!!!! Also puppies are 6 months old tomorrow.....updates and I had a Billy sighting at Reliant....Later!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been pretty bad about posting tell you the truth , there is not a day in the last two or three weeks that it hasn't been pouring here. And massive rain goes hand in hand with massive power outages. So just about every day when I'm ready to post..... no electricity. We just had a huge storm , so I hope I have a window to get this post out. Houston went from the Drought of 2011 to the Deluge of 2012......I like it when it's a bit drier. 

I meant to update BLD, he finally went to the doc last week for a  check-up. I'm happy to say that the X-rays showed he is progressing......more slowly than we had hoped. Looks like he will be wearing his apparatus for three or four weeks longer than expected. Other than that the doc said he looked great....and well taken care of!!!! We are still looking for names.....$20.00 and a name and I will send you a shirt.Go to our Paypal at I am a little bit behind in getting shirts out at the moment, Reliant Dog Show is this weekend and that takes a lot of time and planning. For those of you that I owe a shirt....they will be mailed after the show next week.
I also wanted to update Zorr, a dog I talked a bit about a week and a half ago. He was with his foster parents at the pet store....when a lady walked up and wanted to adopt him.......she fell in love!!! Within the week he went from rescue to foster to adoption!!!I wish him the best of luck in his new home....he is such a sweet boy......hopefully I will get some pics of him in his new digs!!!!!
I'm such a lucky boy!!!!!
I will have some pictures later this weekend of Husky Haven at Reliant.......if you are in Houston....please come by and say hi...we are in booth 617. Talk to you later!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tex.....a tribute.....1998-2012

So, no Husky update today. It is with great sadness that I write this post, I'm actually I hope I can get through it. Yesterday, our director, Pat, had to make the hardest decision, to let her boy,Tex, take his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Tex, Prescott J,s Texas Heatwave, was one of her Sheba Inu show dogs before she started Husky Haven. She got him as a puppy and loved and took great care of him for his 14 years. I know it was the hardest choice she had to make, he had been in poor health for a few months, but yesterday his back end was paralyzed and he couldn't move...........She told me that when meds were the only thing keeping him happy and sleeping, it was time......

His mate , Ch Prescott J's Nyla of Frostfire AKA Nyla and his son , Ch Frostfire's Texas Tornado AKA Twister will miss him terribly. They were already looking for him today. I know that our friends that have passed: Trudy, Marley, Huffy, Lupa and Nikki will help him with his safe passage to the Rainbow Bridge. Have a wonderful time romping and in peace my little friend........

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some updates.........

I will always put BLD at the top of my blog....we still need help and he still needs a unique name....20.00 at Paypal, and a name and I'll have a tee for you within a week. We are still worried that  not using his leg is going to be a problem.....hopefully the doc will enlighten us this week!!!! And remember we also have to put him through heartworm treatment and possibly rehab for his leg.......we will continue to need help.......
OK.....on to some other stuff. I wrote about Tatiana yesterday and showed you how she looked when she was rescued by us...........I took these pics can see she is doing much better......she has such a sweet face!!!!
My neck is looking much better!!!!

Look me in the eyes and tell me you can come and get me!!!!!

Wanted to show you an updated pic of Miss Nellie......she was adopted a few months ago.......

Hi everyone, as you can see, my new life here is fabulous!!!!!
What a wonderful life she has now....they love her and look......she gets to go boating!!! Looking forward to other pics of Nellie on many different excursions!!!!!
Last but not least for of our dogs got a really great foster yesterday!!!! Zorr had not been in our program for very long ...maybe a month and we were trying our best to fatten him up!!! You couldn't tell he was rail thin , since he had such a fluffy coat.....but you could feel every bone!!! He has a great demeanor.......never hassled with any other dog and is pretty content just to let you pet him!!! Our fosters brought their dog, Jenny, for a meet and greet.
Zorr was a calm as he could be and Jenny had no problems with him. We showed a couple of dogs....but they were convinced from the beginning that Zorr was the guy they wanted to foster!!!
Here I am with the new family and Jenny!!!!

Can we go now???

You never know....maybe he'll get a permanent home out of this, but if not he will get some training and time to spend in a real home so he will be used to a forever home when it comes!!!! Be a good boy Zorr!!!!!
One thing Husky Haven always needs is fosters....if you can find it in your heart to take one of our kids home for a weekend , week or all helps them get quickly acclimated to a home environment when they are adopted......Thanks!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

BLD, Tatiana....and a few things I've been meaning to catch up on!!!!!

I've been so busy with Broken Leg Dog lately, I haven't been catching up with some other things going on these days. I still have to show you some pics......he was chilling and playing with his stuffed bunny today.....
A fight to the death.........

bunny you will not win!!!!

Oh, well...too much activity for the morning!!!
We are still running our contest....$20.00 and a unique name gets you a tee....go to and use our Paypal!! Keep him in your thoughts....the doc is worried since he isn't using the leg at all...we will know more Monday!!
Someone posted on Husky Haven Facebook the other day about Tatiana. She is a sweet girl we have had for a month or so......rescued from animal control with some of the worst abrasions I've seen in awhile. It looked like she had been chained outside and also areas that looked like she had been attacked by other dogs....

I will have a pic to post in the next day or so, she has really improved and is a wonderful girl waiting for adoption!!!!
I have all kinds of other news....but it will have to wait for tomorrow....I do have a couple of pics of my foster, Effie......laying around in her foster brothers crate........he really hates that during mealtime!!!!
I know there are other crates here.....

this one is just more comfortable!!!!!!!
Once again go to and help with BLD, or just take a look at all the beautiful kids we have for adoption....have a great evening!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July.....Almost!!!

So I went on a rant the other day....I'm not sorry.......have to do rescue work every day. But this will be a positive post!!!

Our Broken Leg Dog decided to go Patriotic for the 4th. We made his bandage red, white and blue. He is such a good boy and I still hope that he will use his leg....although he's not using it now. Please keep him in your thoughts and I still have the contest going....$20.00 for a unique name and I'll send you a tee......go to to our Paypal to play.
I have a new foster....Effie. She is a sweet girl, anyone that can get along with my three is great!!! She's about three and has brown eyes....... she is fantastic....and available for adoption!!!
We are so lazy!!!

I'm Effie , please let me sleep!!!
I wish all of you a happy and safe 4th.......take care!!!