Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been pretty bad about posting tell you the truth , there is not a day in the last two or three weeks that it hasn't been pouring here. And massive rain goes hand in hand with massive power outages. So just about every day when I'm ready to post..... no electricity. We just had a huge storm , so I hope I have a window to get this post out. Houston went from the Drought of 2011 to the Deluge of 2012......I like it when it's a bit drier. 

I meant to update BLD, he finally went to the doc last week for a  check-up. I'm happy to say that the X-rays showed he is progressing......more slowly than we had hoped. Looks like he will be wearing his apparatus for three or four weeks longer than expected. Other than that the doc said he looked great....and well taken care of!!!! We are still looking for names.....$20.00 and a name and I will send you a shirt.Go to our Paypal at I am a little bit behind in getting shirts out at the moment, Reliant Dog Show is this weekend and that takes a lot of time and planning. For those of you that I owe a shirt....they will be mailed after the show next week.
I also wanted to update Zorr, a dog I talked a bit about a week and a half ago. He was with his foster parents at the pet store....when a lady walked up and wanted to adopt him.......she fell in love!!! Within the week he went from rescue to foster to adoption!!!I wish him the best of luck in his new home....he is such a sweet boy......hopefully I will get some pics of him in his new digs!!!!!
I'm such a lucky boy!!!!!
I will have some pictures later this weekend of Husky Haven at Reliant.......if you are in Houston....please come by and say hi...we are in booth 617. Talk to you later!!!!


  1. Beth
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in lately for the dog show and helping me with the dogs. It is really appreciated!! Love you

    1. Thanks....hopefully we will get some good apps for the dogs....people are acting very interested.....Love you too girl