Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter...

Was going to post today...but we have a huge thunderstorm coming. Will probably have no electricity. Wish you the best...and see you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where has the week gone....

It's been a super busy week, trips to the vet (only checkups!!) , termite inspection (don't have any) and many trips to the kennels and it's Sunday already!!! So, top of the blog is a big thanks to my friend , Becks. Not only has she been helping Husky Haven, she's been helping out another rescue , their director is in the hospital, and she's been out me helping with kennel dogs a couple of days a week!!! She works a regular job , too!!! Thanks girl, can't do it without you!!!
A super cool thing happened today.....FiveSibes: Siberian Husky News and Reviews is featuring my blog !!!! Please go to facebook and Like them!!! They used the blog post with Iniki.....remember we still need help with her, go to Husky Haven and please donate, thanks!!!
So I said I would post some very happy we go!!!
I am so excited to see my foster from last year Meeshka. She will be coming to Pet Expo on April 13th  at Reliant, that's the show last year that her Mom and Dad first laid eyes on her, and fell in love!!! She won Pet of the Month award at her new home...I've included a picture and, well , I'll just let her tell you.

My name is Meeshka  and I am a miniature Siberian Husky.  My family adopted me almost a year ago after being found by the Pet Police abandoned and wandering the streets. Husky Haven a Rescue organization fostered me until the day my new Mommy spotted me at a Rescue event and gave me this great place to live.  If you wonder why I dressed this way my parents say I am their “Little Angel” so it made sense to wear this for Halloween.
If you see me in the hallways please don’t be alarmed by my size or markings, I am very friendly and sometimes overly excited but really just want to say HI!  Thank you for the award, I hope it comes with treats.  
See you soon , baby girl!!!
I wanted to do an update on Sassy......she was the tiny girl, 9 pounds, that was covered in mange. I'm happy to report that she is doing great and is having a wonderful time at her foster home, thanks Charlene!!!

As you can see she is having fun with her toys!!!
I have a ton of other updates....but got to go to a petsitting job.
Have a great day....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So the other day I talked about fostering. I have also featured many of our foster homes and the wonderful job they do taking care of Husky Haven dogs. So today I am highlighting another one of our fosters with a very special dog, Iniki.
Pretty girl, don't you think!!!!!
Our friend Denise and her husband have been fostering for us for awhile. They took in Carleton, and got him a wonderful home, and then they took in Captain Jack. When Iniki came along they also made room in their home for her. So you might ask why she is special or different......let me tell you her story. A little over a week ago this girl was found lying on the side of the road by a couple, they saw what bad shape she was in and called the SPCA ambulance. She was picked up and taken to the SPCA, where they assessed her injuries. It was determined that her back right leg had been degloved, this is when all the skin is torn off the underlying tissue and the blood supply is completely shut off. In her case there was only one option........

She had to have her leg amputated up to her thigh. I know it looks horrible, and it is, but it was the only way to save her life. The crazy thing is that as soon as she went home with Denise, she wanted to play with their dogs....of course she can't right now, she needs to rest and get well, but you would never know from her demeanor that anything had ever happened. I know you can't tell well from the pictures, but she is small and painfully skinny at only 24 pounds!!! Of course, she is also heartworm positive and her fur is very orange from exposure....someone treated her very badly.
Jack and Iniki waiting for a treat!!!!!

Husky Haven has had their share of very terribly treated dogs this last year, with Trooper, Murray and now Iniki. Trooper is doing very well, in fact I will be taking a video of him soon. Murray, well you know he has a long way to go as does Iniki. So, I'll do what I always do and ask for any donations you can spare for any of these dogs, especially Murray and Iniki. Please go to Husky Haven , click the PayPal and help in any way you can......thank you!!!
Have a great evening.....
Some really happy endings next time, I promise.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update on Mr. Murray and some thoughts on fostering

First, Murray. He went to the vet this week and is doing well. His bone infection cleared up and he won't need his pin removed. The biggest hurdle for him is the pelvic fractures. He will be back at the vet in a will be a few months before he can be with other dogs. Right now he has fun......

Playing with his lion....
and removing his ear!!!!
He is doing great considering, it's basically a waiting game with him.
I just wanted to give my thoughts on fostering a dog. When I first started working rescue over five years ago I had never had a dog. I didn't know the first thing about dogs or rescue.A few months after I adopted Lizzy our director asked me if I'd consider fostering a dog. I was OK with giving a check, but didn't really know if I wanted to bring another dog into my home at that time. I told her OK , and my first foster was Atlas. He walked into my house and proceeded to pee on my wall and carpet. I figured I would bring him right back, but spent a day thinking about that. I realized he hadn't spent much time in a home......he needed me to provide structure and rules. I did that for him and he went to a wonderful forever home. I took TJ and Tank as my dogs but continued to take fosters. If you say that's too much trouble, I am single and usually have four dogs at my's not too much trouble. You provide something they can't get at rescue, a home environment. You teach them the things they will need to move on to their new permanent home. I have had many fosters over the years and the most rewarding thing is getting notes and pictures from their new family. Sometimes it's hard to let them go , but they are going to a much better place. If you can't help a rescue in any other way they need you as a foster. Just remember that when you help a dog, another stuck at animal control on death row will get a chance. Please, no matter where you are reading this blog, open your heart and consider fostering.....most rewarding thing you will ever do!!!!
A great foster story tomorrow...
Have a great day!!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

So sad.....

The very first dog blog I ever read was The Life and Times of Remington. It started out four years ago when he was just a puppy and he was adopted. Remington was a beautiful Newfie. I followed that boy through all his adventures and exploits. Unfortunately earlier this year they found a tumor and it was not good. Remington lost his battle last week and has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. When I found this out I cried and cried.....he was my dog too!! If you have a chance click on the link and send his parents a note. Hope you have a wonderful time at the Rainbow Bridge  Remington, please keep all my kitties in line. Thanks for inspiring me to write my blog......

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mr. Murray.....

I .wanted to give you an update on Murray. He went to the doc on the 27th of February. We were hoping at that time that he would have a least one of his pins removed (he has 6 holding everything together). The one at his elbow area has been giving him trouble and we hoped that would alleviate some of the pain. No luck , he has an infection in that area and instead is on antibiotics till the 13th when he goes back for another check-up. So this Wednesday we are hoping the infection is better and he can have the surgery he needs to take out that pin. Other than that, he is doing quite well. He wants to run around, but can't quite get there and we have been having to keep him relatively quiet these last two weeks so he can heal.
Wow...I wish I could run around!!!

I'm patiently waiting for my doctors appointment this week!!!!
If you can donate to Murray's surgery and recovery, please go to Husky Haven and donate through our PayPal. Thanks so much for all the love you have sent our boy!!! Update after the doctor this week!!!
Have a great evening!!!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

H2M2 Sunday March 3rd

I wanted to post about Husky Haven's event last Sunday. Called an H2M2 for Husky Huddle and Malamute Mingle, this was an outdoor event held in Bill Archer Dog Park. This has been done in Dallas and other cities, but this was a first for Houston and Husky Haven was the inaugural event. We had great weather as you will be able to tell from the photos. I want to thank Frank and Shelby, from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they helped set this up here. Also Heather and Val from Husky Haven , they will be doing these Houston events in the future. I wish my pictures did this event justice, we had more than 100 Huskies and Mals there. It was so bright , I couldn't see the back of my camera, but I still got some great pics. So here we go.........

Lottie one of my last fosters with her family!!!!

A couple of smart dogs staying out of the sun!!!

Mr Willy!!!! He was one of the puppies from last year!!!

Jersey and Lizzy!!



We had many foster babies and I got to see a ton of our adopted babies!!!

I had to add Honey, she's our directors son's dog....and an honorary Husky!!!!!!
I wish I'd gotten a picture of all the dogs...that would have taken me all day and a lot of running!!! Thanks again to all of you for coming out and making this such a fun day!!!!
Murray tomorrow....
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm back.....

Tired of feeling sorry for , I love this blog!!! So onward we go!!!
Tonight I have a very special post though. My son, Ian, turns 33 today!!!! It's so hard to believe that so much time has gone by!! Just yesterday he was my little baby , he's still my baby, just not so little anymore.

This picture was taken with his Dad , many , many years ago!!! I've always loved this picture of them. His Dad and I parted ways not long after.....but this was a great time in our lives for all of us.
I wish you a wonderful birthday , son.....and don't eat too much bacon wrapped lamb!!!!!
Tomorrow , a day at the park and more Murray!!!!
Have a great evening!!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

One year.....

I started this blog a year ago.....I expected a lot more traffic. I look at a lot of blogs and they have a ton of people posting to them. I make a bit of money when you post to my blog.....but I guess no one cares. I don't know if I will continue this, but I will do a Murray update. He has a bone infection in his shoulder, requires bed rest for him for the next two weeks. His fractures are doing better.... but it's going to take a long time for him to get well. See you later.