Thursday, January 31, 2013

Update on Murray.....

Just a quick update on Murray. He went to the vet yesterday and had his first checkup. He is doing well , as well as can be expected. He has to have us help him poop...we stand him up so he can accomplish this, a lot of work still a head. His leg where he has the pin is healing nicely , but we still have 7 more weeks of him in a crate and off his feet. We take him out a couple of times a day and let him sit in the grass , so he can enjoy the sunshine and just not be in confinement for a while. He is a really good boy, I know he sometimes whines at night, but his condition is not natural for any dog.

A lot of you have asked me how the fundraising is going....from what I know we are about 1/3 of the way to our goal. We still need help.....if you can please go to Husky Haven and give a donation for Murray....we appreciate all of your help.
I have decided to challenge myself for the next month....I will be posting every day. There is always a ton to talk about.....just have to make myself sit down and do that. Wish me luck
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013


Another day , another dog in need. Three days ago Husky Haven rescued this boy from animal control, he had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road.....not moving.
He was in terrible shape, all we knew when we took him is that he had a broken upper arm/leg and was covered with lacerations from being struck. After X-rays and observation by the surgeon (Dr. Murray, now you know where he got his name!) it was also determined that he had four pelvic fractures. She put a pin in his shoulder area......
as you can see, but there was nothing that could be done about the fractures.This means he is basically immobile for the next eight weeks. We have to hoist him up and take him outside to pee. The good thing is that he is small, about 40 to 45 pounds, so he's not so bad to move. He can't be on his feet at all, although yesterday , when we placed him on the lawn to enjoy the warm weather for a while, he was very interested in a squirrel and made an attempt to get up. So I had to scare the squirrel away, a new job description for me!!!!!

How can you resist that sweet face!!!! He is currently on three different pain meds along with a pain patch, antibiotics and Pepsid AC to keep his stomach from getting upset with all those meds. Right now he does sleep a lot of the will get harder as he gets better to keep him contained. But we are up to the task.
Jealousy has raised it's beautiful head in the form of Trooper......he can't believe we aren't spending as much time with him anymore!!!!
He still gets tons of attention.....just has to share that time with someone else now!!!
I set up a ChipIn yesterday, we already have close to $3000.00 in bills, surgery, meds, etc, but ChipIn decided to go belly up yesterday. I have sent notes on my Facebook and now I am reaching out to you guys.  We can use any donations you can possibly provide....I know I ask this a lot , but we are a small rescue and donations for all rescues are in short supply these days. If you can, please go to Husky Haven and send a donation through our Pay Pal.....thanks in advance.
One more thing, our puppies are a year old post will be about them and some new and old pics!!!
Have a wonderful day and Murray says thanks!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ups and Downs......

I know I haven't posted in a pet sitting jobs kept me running all week and all day!!! It's good  making money doing something I really enjoy!!! So now for the ups and downs of the week, really last weekend. You all know about the Pupcakes, our wonderful baker Cyndii made, she also bought some crates to replace some falling apart crates, thanks a million times to her. Our wonderful volunteers washed dogs and cleaned up.....can't say enough about them. Val , one of our volunteers, had been in Vegas so we were taking care of Shyloe....she took her back to her foster home Saturday!! Heather, she has fostered and adopted from us, took a new foster, Razor!!!
I know that both Shyloe and Razor are a really are great ladies!!!!
Now for the downside of the weekend. We had two couples come over , one to foster and one to adopt!!! The couple that was going to adopt brought their dog and picked Lynette as their new baby!!!

She has been with a couple of fosters and does great in a home so I thought that it was a really good fit. The dog that was fostered was Mr. Blast, all he really wants to do is love on you.....they didn't bring their dogs, but he's really easygoing.
So Sunday rolls around and the couple that adopted Lynette brought her back, I guess because she ate out of their dog's bowl. You always feed your new dog in a crate or in another room so there are no problems. When I have fosters they always eat in their crate and all bowls are pulled up after everyone eats. That evening our director let me know Blast was coming back for the same reasons. I know in rescue there are never absolutes....but it upset me for the week. They are back and we'll find homes for them......just thought sooner rather than later.
On a whole different theme, here's what it looked like in Houston this morning.
We very seldom have this crazy hard to see when I was driving. I'm going to enjoy the football games this afternoon....go Pat's and Niners ( I grew up in San Francisco).
Have a wonderful afternoon.......

Saturday, January 12, 2013

So the pupcakes......

OK, you are wondering what I'm talking about!!! First I have to say Husky Haven has the best volunteers in the guys kick ass!! So this is a really short post. Our directors birthday was this week and she asked for a Husky cake or whatever. So this is what she got, courtesy of our super baking girl, Cyndii!!!

Pupcakes!!!! The quietest Huskies in the world.....I want to wish Miss Pat a happy birthday, you've given me so much the last five you!!!
Today was so great....but that's for many good things...
Have a wonderful evening.....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My girls.......

This last year I had three girls as  my fosters... loved them  all. Well I actually had a few more dogs than that here, but all of the girls were here for a few months. All three of the girls got adopted after shows. Shows are so much work but when you get adoptions from them it's great!!!!
I don't have any new pictures of Effie, I will show you what she looked like the day she went to her new home.
I know she is having a marvelous time and hopefully I'll have new photos of her soon. She was adopted because Sonya saw her at the Reliant show in July....and fell in love!!!!
I do, however, have new pictures of Lottie and Meeshka!!!
Lottie , such a sweetheart, found her new family at Pet Fest. They came by both days and really liked her!!! I had the whole family out the next week to see if everyone got problems. A couple of days later her new dad, Jason, came to pick her up. As you can see Lottie is having such a terrible time!!! The kids really enjoy her!!!

So glad you found a wonderful forever home , dear, sweet Lottie!!
Meeshka was my girl at the beginning of last sweet, and like all of them got along well with my alpha female, Lizzy. I took her to Pet Expo in April and she had a lot of interest. But one couple, Tina and Dave, really had a story that broke my heart. They had just lost their dog Bella, really weren't looking for a new companion, but somehow Meeshka kept drawing them back to ask more questions about her. After the show I asked our director if Tina and Dave had put in an application.....she said yes, so had a lot of other people. I knew Meeshka was for them and they needed each other. The next Tuesday they came and signed the papers and had a new forever companion!!!!

Meeshka with Dave at the Aeros game!!!
With her mama , Tina, at Christmas!!!!!
I hope you are enjoying my updates.....there are many more to come, I didn't realize so many dogs got adopted and fostered last year!!!
And to my three sweet girls, miss you, but glad you have wonderful homes!!! And keep bugging your parents to send me more pictures!!!
Have a wonderful evening.........

Monday, January 7, 2013

Some more updates!!!!

I've been getting lots of pictures from our fosters and adopters, love seeing them and I hope you will too!!!! So on to the updates.......

So here is Adam, he is being fostered by our friend Heather!!! Looks like he's having a wonderful time at her house. He was with someone else earlier in the year, but the circumstances just didn't work. Looks pretty happy now though!!!

Speaking of Heather, here is beautiful Miss Tamara. Tamara was adopted by Heather earlier in the year. The top picture is her going home, to her forever home, finally. The bottom one is her worn out after Pet Fest!!!!
This is a great picture of Tilton.....he looks so happy and comfortable in his new home!!! Loved that boy, so happy for him!!!
Iceman taking over the place!!!!

A true three dog night, Winston on the left, Nellie on the right and Iceman at the bottom!!!!

Winston, Iceman and Nellie!!!
Finally tonight, here are Iceman and Nellie in their new home with their new BFF, Winston. Our friend Meredith adopted Nellie earlier this year and came back in December to get Iceman as well. As you can tell they are having a great time in their new home!!!
I will have more updates soon!!! Want to say thanks to all of you that have taken one of our babies and given them a place to stay and loving care!!! Thanks!!!
Have a wonderful evening.....

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I missed a day......

Not feeling terribly well, not  feeling much like writing, so today we will have mostly pictures. I have been gathering pictures from our foster and adoptive parents so I can show the dogs that are in current foster homes and the babies that got adopted last year.....without further ado....
This is Thor. He was adopted in January of last year and apparently his dad, Jeff, is super happy.....I think Thor is pretty happy too!!!!

This is my sweetheart, Charlina. We kept her at home, when she was supposed to go to a show. That day she found the perfect forever home. Her dad takes some beautiful pictures of her, don't you think!! I do miss that girl, but she is in such a great place now!!!
Miss Amber!!! I just did some pet-sitting over the holidays for her mom, Donna, she is so well behaved and happy!!! She has come a long way from Husky Haven rescuing her from animal control over a year ago.
We are going to end today's post with a couple of puppy pictures.....well, they really aren't puppies anymore!!! They were eleven months last week and will be turning a year old on the 26th of this month!!! I'm so happy to see pictures of them, we didn't know if they would make it the first month!!

Here is Lilly, I will now always refer to her by her name hard for me to remember!!I think she was trying to help someone with the dishes in that top photo. With her new BFF in the bottom photo!!
Sillie turned out to be an absolutely beautiful dog!!! She looks right at home there on mom's bed!!
I have many more pictures to update, probably take me quite a few days. Look for more updates.
Have a wonderful evening.......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year. Starting tomorrow I will be posting our dogs that got adopted or fostered this last year.......looking forward to sharing this with all of you. Have a wonderful evening!!!