Thursday, January 10, 2013

My girls.......

This last year I had three girls as  my fosters... loved them  all. Well I actually had a few more dogs than that here, but all of the girls were here for a few months. All three of the girls got adopted after shows. Shows are so much work but when you get adoptions from them it's great!!!!
I don't have any new pictures of Effie, I will show you what she looked like the day she went to her new home.
I know she is having a marvelous time and hopefully I'll have new photos of her soon. She was adopted because Sonya saw her at the Reliant show in July....and fell in love!!!!
I do, however, have new pictures of Lottie and Meeshka!!!
Lottie , such a sweetheart, found her new family at Pet Fest. They came by both days and really liked her!!! I had the whole family out the next week to see if everyone got problems. A couple of days later her new dad, Jason, came to pick her up. As you can see Lottie is having such a terrible time!!! The kids really enjoy her!!!

So glad you found a wonderful forever home , dear, sweet Lottie!!
Meeshka was my girl at the beginning of last sweet, and like all of them got along well with my alpha female, Lizzy. I took her to Pet Expo in April and she had a lot of interest. But one couple, Tina and Dave, really had a story that broke my heart. They had just lost their dog Bella, really weren't looking for a new companion, but somehow Meeshka kept drawing them back to ask more questions about her. After the show I asked our director if Tina and Dave had put in an application.....she said yes, so had a lot of other people. I knew Meeshka was for them and they needed each other. The next Tuesday they came and signed the papers and had a new forever companion!!!!

Meeshka with Dave at the Aeros game!!!
With her mama , Tina, at Christmas!!!!!
I hope you are enjoying my updates.....there are many more to come, I didn't realize so many dogs got adopted and fostered last year!!!
And to my three sweet girls, miss you, but glad you have wonderful homes!!! And keep bugging your parents to send me more pictures!!!
Have a wonderful evening.........


  1. Hiya! I saw you commented on my First Gotcha Day Pawty Jan 3, I am still catching up visiting efurryone who came by that day. Do you do dog rescue? do you have your own dogs? What kind? I snooped around your bloggy but couldn't learn too much...hope I get to know you. Once a month I do my Real Rescue Dogs Are Talking...interviews with adult rescue dogs...let me know if you have a story to share from your own dogs. Paw pats,Savannah

    1. I volunteer for a group in Houston....Husky Haven. These dogs are from our rescue.I would love to do Real Rescue Dogs are would be an honor.

  2. peeEss I probably won't be able to visit very much if you keep the word verification on, it is too hard and time consuming when I try to visit 100 blogs a day. Please consider taking it off so more of us can/will visit. thank you, Savannah

    1. I believe I turned it time you visit let me know....Thanks!!!!

  3. Ms. Beth, Thank you guys so much for letting Ms. Lottie into our lives. Next year we will be moving into a house and may consider adding another addition to our furbabies. If we do, we will definitely give you a call again.

    Lots of Love,
    Ms. Lottie and The Harvey's

    1. So great to hear from you....the kids look like they so enjoy her!!!Let us know if you would like another addition....we'll be waiting!!!Lots of love to all of you....especially Lottie!!!