Thursday, January 3, 2013

I missed a day......

Not feeling terribly well, not  feeling much like writing, so today we will have mostly pictures. I have been gathering pictures from our foster and adoptive parents so I can show the dogs that are in current foster homes and the babies that got adopted last year.....without further ado....
This is Thor. He was adopted in January of last year and apparently his dad, Jeff, is super happy.....I think Thor is pretty happy too!!!!

This is my sweetheart, Charlina. We kept her at home, when she was supposed to go to a show. That day she found the perfect forever home. Her dad takes some beautiful pictures of her, don't you think!! I do miss that girl, but she is in such a great place now!!!
Miss Amber!!! I just did some pet-sitting over the holidays for her mom, Donna, she is so well behaved and happy!!! She has come a long way from Husky Haven rescuing her from animal control over a year ago.
We are going to end today's post with a couple of puppy pictures.....well, they really aren't puppies anymore!!! They were eleven months last week and will be turning a year old on the 26th of this month!!! I'm so happy to see pictures of them, we didn't know if they would make it the first month!!

Here is Lilly, I will now always refer to her by her name hard for me to remember!!I think she was trying to help someone with the dishes in that top photo. With her new BFF in the bottom photo!!
Sillie turned out to be an absolutely beautiful dog!!! She looks right at home there on mom's bed!!
I have many more pictures to update, probably take me quite a few days. Look for more updates.
Have a wonderful evening.......


  1. fine looking pups! happy new year mates,


    1. They are great looking!!! Very Happy New Year to you!!