Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ups and Downs......

I know I haven't posted in a pet sitting jobs kept me running all week and all day!!! It's good  making money doing something I really enjoy!!! So now for the ups and downs of the week, really last weekend. You all know about the Pupcakes, our wonderful baker Cyndii made, she also bought some crates to replace some falling apart crates, thanks a million times to her. Our wonderful volunteers washed dogs and cleaned up.....can't say enough about them. Val , one of our volunteers, had been in Vegas so we were taking care of Shyloe....she took her back to her foster home Saturday!! Heather, she has fostered and adopted from us, took a new foster, Razor!!!
I know that both Shyloe and Razor are a really are great ladies!!!!
Now for the downside of the weekend. We had two couples come over , one to foster and one to adopt!!! The couple that was going to adopt brought their dog and picked Lynette as their new baby!!!

She has been with a couple of fosters and does great in a home so I thought that it was a really good fit. The dog that was fostered was Mr. Blast, all he really wants to do is love on you.....they didn't bring their dogs, but he's really easygoing.
So Sunday rolls around and the couple that adopted Lynette brought her back, I guess because she ate out of their dog's bowl. You always feed your new dog in a crate or in another room so there are no problems. When I have fosters they always eat in their crate and all bowls are pulled up after everyone eats. That evening our director let me know Blast was coming back for the same reasons. I know in rescue there are never absolutes....but it upset me for the week. They are back and we'll find homes for them......just thought sooner rather than later.
On a whole different theme, here's what it looked like in Houston this morning.
We very seldom have this crazy hard to see when I was driving. I'm going to enjoy the football games this afternoon....go Pat's and Niners ( I grew up in San Francisco).
Have a wonderful afternoon.......


  1. Yes, very sad they came back. Even if I have a foster for a year...I always feed them separately (usually in their crates) Fosters are used to eating in their crates and it's comfortable for them. It takes a few weeks (sometimes months) for the new dog to adapt to his surroundings and learn what is expected of him/her.

    It was a great clean up day...we have amazing generous with their time and money.
    Becky (Husky Haven volunteer)

    1. Thanks know as well as I do you have to feed the dogs in different spaces...they have to adapt. I've had all my dogs for over three years...took me a long time to get them to eat in one room.