Saturday, January 26, 2013


Another day , another dog in need. Three days ago Husky Haven rescued this boy from animal control, he had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road.....not moving.
He was in terrible shape, all we knew when we took him is that he had a broken upper arm/leg and was covered with lacerations from being struck. After X-rays and observation by the surgeon (Dr. Murray, now you know where he got his name!) it was also determined that he had four pelvic fractures. She put a pin in his shoulder area......
as you can see, but there was nothing that could be done about the fractures.This means he is basically immobile for the next eight weeks. We have to hoist him up and take him outside to pee. The good thing is that he is small, about 40 to 45 pounds, so he's not so bad to move. He can't be on his feet at all, although yesterday , when we placed him on the lawn to enjoy the warm weather for a while, he was very interested in a squirrel and made an attempt to get up. So I had to scare the squirrel away, a new job description for me!!!!!

How can you resist that sweet face!!!! He is currently on three different pain meds along with a pain patch, antibiotics and Pepsid AC to keep his stomach from getting upset with all those meds. Right now he does sleep a lot of the will get harder as he gets better to keep him contained. But we are up to the task.
Jealousy has raised it's beautiful head in the form of Trooper......he can't believe we aren't spending as much time with him anymore!!!!
He still gets tons of attention.....just has to share that time with someone else now!!!
I set up a ChipIn yesterday, we already have close to $3000.00 in bills, surgery, meds, etc, but ChipIn decided to go belly up yesterday. I have sent notes on my Facebook and now I am reaching out to you guys.  We can use any donations you can possibly provide....I know I ask this a lot , but we are a small rescue and donations for all rescues are in short supply these days. If you can, please go to Husky Haven and send a donation through our Pay Pal.....thanks in advance.
One more thing, our puppies are a year old post will be about them and some new and old pics!!!
Have a wonderful day and Murray says thanks!!!!


  1. How much more money is needed for Murray? is he going to have a surgery or just recovery with meds and immobility?

  2. I don't know how much we have collected thru the Husky Haven Pay Pal....won't know till tomorrow when our treasurer checks it. Before ChipIn went down...we had about $50.00 in that. Have no idea if he will need more surgery....he goes to the doc on Wed to check his progress. Thanks so much....we'll have to see!!!

  3. Keep me (us) updated, I'll donate more if I can! Has anyone asked to be his owner after he's recovered? He looks like such a sweet boy.

    1. He is super sweet!!!He has a long road to we aren't even thinking that far in advance.Thanks for your donation.Hey, when he's well....send us an application. Till then I'll be updating his progress!!!

  4. I may also be interested in Murray once he is well. My own Husky is 13 now and Murray looks very sweet.

    Please keep us posted on his recovery.

  5. Soon As Liz gets home we will be in touch. Fine looking Boy

    Skylar "Sky" & James M