Monday, January 7, 2013

Some more updates!!!!

I've been getting lots of pictures from our fosters and adopters, love seeing them and I hope you will too!!!! So on to the updates.......

So here is Adam, he is being fostered by our friend Heather!!! Looks like he's having a wonderful time at her house. He was with someone else earlier in the year, but the circumstances just didn't work. Looks pretty happy now though!!!

Speaking of Heather, here is beautiful Miss Tamara. Tamara was adopted by Heather earlier in the year. The top picture is her going home, to her forever home, finally. The bottom one is her worn out after Pet Fest!!!!
This is a great picture of Tilton.....he looks so happy and comfortable in his new home!!! Loved that boy, so happy for him!!!
Iceman taking over the place!!!!

A true three dog night, Winston on the left, Nellie on the right and Iceman at the bottom!!!!

Winston, Iceman and Nellie!!!
Finally tonight, here are Iceman and Nellie in their new home with their new BFF, Winston. Our friend Meredith adopted Nellie earlier this year and came back in December to get Iceman as well. As you can tell they are having a great time in their new home!!!
I will have more updates soon!!! Want to say thanks to all of you that have taken one of our babies and given them a place to stay and loving care!!! Thanks!!!
Have a wonderful evening.....

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