Friday, February 27, 2015

Three years.....

I realized today that I've been doing my blog for three years!!! Wow.....seems like a long time, so many changes since then. This last eight months have been so hard with Lizzy, but I'm getting back into it and adoptions will be the next post this weekend. Thanks to all of you for reading , it helps sometimes just to be able to write. I hope to go on for many years!!!!
Lizzy sends her best and so do TJ, Tank and Faith.....
Thanks again......

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Some Odds and Ends......

I have some pictures that didn't fit a category really so I thought I'd post them together today. I have a bunch of adoption pics , since the start of the year, but these come first......
Last weekend our friend Michelle took Onyx home for the weekend. She was having such a good time with her dog , Jake, that she decided to foster her for the whole week. We had tested Onyx and Jake together and they really liked each other......still do!!!
Hanging out on the balcony!!!

Jake and Onyx posing!!!
One of our other adopters , Vanda, sent me a pic of her two.  As you can see Hudson and Murray really don't get along!!! I think these two are joined at the hip!! 

Hudson and Murray.....those crazy boys!!!
 This picture of Gunter just made me laugh.....apparently he doesn't like it when Yi leaves for work!!!
Oh Gunter!!!!
I wanted to put in a couple of B-Day pics too!! I went and bought myself some flowers on the 15th.....a bargain.My friend Cyndii made me these beautiful cupcakes....most of them gluten free and ingredients like carrots and pineapple. Lizzy liked them too!!!!

Lizzy and TJ in cupcake form!!!
Almost lost my hand there!!!
Have a wonderful weekend......
See you soon!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day........

Today is Valentine's Day and also my birthday. That's all great , but today is Lizzy's birthday too!!! When I adopted her 7 years ago, I knew she was born in February so it just seemed logical we share the same day. If you told me seven and one half months ago that  she would make it to today......I don't know if I would have believed that. She was so sick. After her surgery more that 6 months ago when they said she wouldn't live for more than 6 months, I started counting everything by the holidays, she feels good on Thanksgiving, going strong Christmas and New Years......she made it to her birthday.......I actually am so happy for everyday with her.....don't know how many those are, but they are all good.

So happy ninth birthday beautiful girl!!! So many people told me dogs sometimes defy the odds with pancreatic cancer.....I know she's terminal, but for now she doesn't......
Happy Valentine's Day.......

Friday, February 13, 2015

Senior Day at Kriser's.....

Last Saturday we had our monthly show at Kriser's, but I wanted to give it a twist by taking some of the senior's that don't have a chance to get out much. We took our two very senior dogs.....Winston who is about 7 and Kaila , she is around 8. Didn't know how they'd react to all the people, Winston was OK, Kaila was a bit timid. Our friend Michelle brought Onyx.....not technically a senior.....but she needs to be with people too!!! All three of them got along great and Onyx really became the official greeter, she was going to get people to talk to us!!! I got some good pics of both Onyx and Winston, but most of the pictures of Kaila were of her butt or her turning her head at the last moment.  Luckily we had our friend , Farid, from Austin, taking pictures of the dogs and he got a few great ones of her.
Onyx having a blast!!!

Our official greeter!!!


Kaila and Winston

Miss Kaila and me ....thanks Farid!!!
All of my dogs, except Faith are seniors and they make great companions. They really just want to be with you.....all the seniors we have are house trained, crate trained and want a wonderful family to live out their days. Older dogs are great........
Thanks Farid and his wife Denise for taking a ton of pics....
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Sometimes I just have to do an update on a dog from another rescue that I spent a lot of time with and wished I could have taken in. Spencer was one of those dogs. I've written about him before....he was in kennel for at least 2 years.....I'd go see him once or twice a week, and if I hadn't already had three and was fostering would have taken him. He was on a large transport to the northeast that I wrote about last spring, one of about 70-80 dogs going to new homes in Massachusetts , NY and other states that don't have the dog population issues we have in Texas and other southern states. He was taken in by a wonderful family and they have sent updated I want to share them with you!!
As you can see he is wrapped up in the right blanket....he knows how to pick a team!!!!

Spence and his Christmas pictures!!!

Happy New Year!!!!

A far cry from Texas....his first real snowstorm!!!!!
I love it when you get updated....and Spence was always one of my favorites. You can see he is finally having a fantastic life!!!! Miss you beautiful boy!!!!
Have a great evening!!!!