Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope you had a great Christmas!!!!

We did.....had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with my best boys......

My Dad, a WWII vet, my bro Mike and my son Ian...

The dogs got to have some fun too....we had so much ham left over that they are getting a little bit for dinner with their dog food every night.....they are super happy!!!! Wanted to show a pic of my tree too......since I retired money for Christmas has been pretty tight.....but I love looking at my tree all season!!!!
But now on to other things. I have to give some props to my Louisiana friends in this post. We had a dog that one of our new friends to the rescue, Amy, picked up on the 17th. Someone had let him loose on the streets of Houston.....she found him and rescued him. He had mange, was heartworm positive and underweight for his size. She couldn't keep I put out a note on facebook and within minutes I got a call from my good friend Velvet in Louisiana.......she decided to take him the weekend before Christmas and take care of him. All is going well he is being treated for mange and heartworm and doing great in his new home.
This is Nico, glad to have a new home for the holidays!
I also have to send a big thank you to my friends Greg and Stephanie, also in Louisiana. I posted about Maya a few months ago, she had been taken to a high kill shelter, her chances were not good....but once again this family stepped up and ran to rescue her! She had been shaved and looked pretty bad.

Maya then
But check out how she looks today!!!
A little love and care can do wonders!!!
So thanks Amy, Velvet, Greg and have done a terrific job!!!
If you have a chance, please check Husky Haven's facebook page. There are a ton of beautiful Huskies that are going to be put down in the next few days, maybe some of you can make sure they have a Happy New Year.
Have a wonderful evening...

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!! I'm so glad I started my let me get so many dogs out there for everyone to see. I have a few dogs to show today.....two are Husky Haven's and two are Best Friends FurEver. I like to post  all of them....maybe one of you will see someone to be your pal next year.Both of our babies will be coming home from the kennel after Christmas......then they both need to be spay/neutered and will be on our website!!
This is Ciella.....she is blind in her left eye.....but not a problem for her!!! She is sweet as she can be, will be looking for her new home sometime after the first of the year!!!
Here is absolutely stunning all white boy.....he just wants hugs and'll get a lot of kisses from him!!!

This is Sheba....part Shar-Pei.....a lovely small, sweet girl......she looks pretty in the collar I brought along.

And finally Tiger.....really don't know what breed he is, but he is wonderful and a love!!
If you are considering getting a dog or cat before the new year.....please go to a rescue!! There are so many animals out there looking for a wonderful home with you. Go to Husky Haven to check out our beautiful babies, or if you have another breed in mind , check out Best Friends FurEver. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A great weekend!!!!!

So we really had a wonderful weekend. We had our Husky Haven Christmas Party......Saturday night.....and check out the generous donations for our babies!!!
A ton of treats!!!!!

We got so many treats and tons of bags of food......thanks to all our wonderful really gave our kids a great Christmas.
So even better news Sunday!!! We had gotten a call from a family in Dallas/Fort Worth area.....they wanted to drive down and check out some of our babies. And they were very specific.....they were older and they wanted a couple of older dogs.....we all know older dogs are harder to place.They had thought about Thelka and Marta......but Marta needs to be on her own.....she's not great with other dogs. So we were thinking maybe Thelka and one of our older boys. The first dogs they saw when they came in were Sheena and Chrishell.......two females that were picked up together....we figure a mom and daughter.....about 5 and 7 years old.They looked at the other dogs , but you could tell that the woman was quite taken with the two girls!!! 

 After some paperwork...the girls were loaded into the backseat with their new Mom and off to their forever happy for them and that they could have their life together!!!!! Have a wonderful time my sweet girls!!!
So to complete the weekend....we got another adoption. Our friend, Meredith, had adopted Nelly earlier in the year and came by with her dogs just to see Iceman. Iceman had been hard to place, he has storm fear, so he needs someone to work with him. It all worked out and he was on the way to his forever home too!!!!

So happy for him and I know he has gone to a great home!!!!
Some bread I made for the party.....had to throw that in.
So a great all of our HH are the keep us going!!!!!Thanks!!!!
More news soon!!!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Miss Zena....

So I  figured I would  talk about Miss 2008 I had many dogs as fosters....they stayed and were soon adopted but Zena was a 12 year old girl that ended up at animal control......I think because she was either too old or her family was moving and didn't want to take her along. And that's all I will say about that!!  I only had Lizzy at the time and my last foster had been was November and I decided to help this girl. She was very laid back....perfect for my alpha girl. We spent a very happy Thanksgiving and Christmas together , and I figured because of her age that I would keep her......
We are just playing Mom!!!!

Really we are!!!

Ok enough of that!!!
In March of 2009 I got a call from our director......someone was looking for a dog her age.I was a little shocked....but if she had a chance for a forever home I had to give her that. The couple that came to see her had just lost their 13 year old girl and had a 14 year old Husky boy they wanted a companion for. She turned out to be a perfect match and she went to her new home that day!!! They sent me updates every few weeks and all seemed to be going well.......until three months in. She had stopped eating and they asked what they should do....I just suggested changing food and trying different treats.....Zena never had a problem with food at my house. A couple of days went by and they took her to the vet.....she had a huge tumor in her stomach. The vet wanted to put her down then to make sure she had no more pain......but they took her home and decided what to do. After another day of her being in pain and suffering they had her put to sleep. They felt so terrible about it they had her autopsied.....she would have died a day or two was a fast moving tumor......probably she only had it for a month. I felt terrible for them....she had been so vibrant when I had her......but it was nothing we could have predicted or changed. The worst part of this story is that a month after Zena died their other Husky died in his sleep. I asked them a few months later if they could foster for us while our director was having surgery......but they said it was too hard. I can't imagine losing three dogs in such a short period of hasn't happened to me.....but I understood. So this is for least she got a few months in a great home.
Hope you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!!!

I'm going to post more often......I swear!!! It actually was hard for me to write this story........she was a great girl.
So, tomorrow some unexpected adoptions!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

My baby Ash.......

I was going to try and post more often this month.......I've ended up posting less. A year ago my sweet kitty Ash died. I had Ash for about seven years and I miss him cuddling up with me every night. Don't really know how old he was.....he lived with my son's friends for many years. They were moving and asked me if I could take him, said only if he was declawed........of course he was!!!! He got the run of the house for about 3 years until I started getting dogs. Then we just divided the house into two parts and he got the run of the back. I swear he would have beat the crap out of the dogs if they ever got to him. One night last December I noticed he was acting kind of strange, sleeping in different places and general restlessness. I told him to relax and I would get him to the vet in the morning........five minutes later he howled and fell to the floor. I ran and scooped him up, he took his last few breaths laying in my arms with me telling him it was alright.....I knew he had to leave me......I'll never have a more wonderful cat than Ashter.....he's always in my heart.

I didn't have any really great pics of Ash......this was one his Dad before me took....and one of the best pics always needed to hold your book or mag up high, or he'd be in the middle of it. And forget wrapping presents in his presence.......Christmas was his favorite time!!!!
He still sits right by me everyday.......miss you sweet boy........