Monday, December 17, 2012

Miss Zena....

So I  figured I would  talk about Miss 2008 I had many dogs as fosters....they stayed and were soon adopted but Zena was a 12 year old girl that ended up at animal control......I think because she was either too old or her family was moving and didn't want to take her along. And that's all I will say about that!!  I only had Lizzy at the time and my last foster had been was November and I decided to help this girl. She was very laid back....perfect for my alpha girl. We spent a very happy Thanksgiving and Christmas together , and I figured because of her age that I would keep her......
We are just playing Mom!!!!

Really we are!!!

Ok enough of that!!!
In March of 2009 I got a call from our director......someone was looking for a dog her age.I was a little shocked....but if she had a chance for a forever home I had to give her that. The couple that came to see her had just lost their 13 year old girl and had a 14 year old Husky boy they wanted a companion for. She turned out to be a perfect match and she went to her new home that day!!! They sent me updates every few weeks and all seemed to be going well.......until three months in. She had stopped eating and they asked what they should do....I just suggested changing food and trying different treats.....Zena never had a problem with food at my house. A couple of days went by and they took her to the vet.....she had a huge tumor in her stomach. The vet wanted to put her down then to make sure she had no more pain......but they took her home and decided what to do. After another day of her being in pain and suffering they had her put to sleep. They felt so terrible about it they had her autopsied.....she would have died a day or two was a fast moving tumor......probably she only had it for a month. I felt terrible for them....she had been so vibrant when I had her......but it was nothing we could have predicted or changed. The worst part of this story is that a month after Zena died their other Husky died in his sleep. I asked them a few months later if they could foster for us while our director was having surgery......but they said it was too hard. I can't imagine losing three dogs in such a short period of hasn't happened to me.....but I understood. So this is for least she got a few months in a great home.
Hope you're having fun at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet girl!!!

I'm going to post more often......I swear!!! It actually was hard for me to write this story........she was a great girl.
So, tomorrow some unexpected adoptions!!!!