Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A great weekend!!!!!

So we really had a wonderful weekend. We had our Husky Haven Christmas Party......Saturday night.....and check out the generous donations for our babies!!!
A ton of treats!!!!!

We got so many treats and tons of bags of food......thanks to all our wonderful really gave our kids a great Christmas.
So even better news Sunday!!! We had gotten a call from a family in Dallas/Fort Worth area.....they wanted to drive down and check out some of our babies. And they were very specific.....they were older and they wanted a couple of older dogs.....we all know older dogs are harder to place.They had thought about Thelka and Marta......but Marta needs to be on her own.....she's not great with other dogs. So we were thinking maybe Thelka and one of our older boys. The first dogs they saw when they came in were Sheena and Chrishell.......two females that were picked up together....we figure a mom and daughter.....about 5 and 7 years old.They looked at the other dogs , but you could tell that the woman was quite taken with the two girls!!! 

 After some paperwork...the girls were loaded into the backseat with their new Mom and off to their forever happy for them and that they could have their life together!!!!! Have a wonderful time my sweet girls!!!
So to complete the weekend....we got another adoption. Our friend, Meredith, had adopted Nelly earlier in the year and came by with her dogs just to see Iceman. Iceman had been hard to place, he has storm fear, so he needs someone to work with him. It all worked out and he was on the way to his forever home too!!!!

So happy for him and I know he has gone to a great home!!!!
Some bread I made for the party.....had to throw that in.
So a great all of our HH are the keep us going!!!!!Thanks!!!!
More news soon!!!!!


  1. The Christmas Party was wonderful!! It was so good to see everyone again...Kudos to all the adoptions...what a Merry Christmas for those babies getting forever homes...

    Donna Royce

    1. It was fun and so great to see everyone together....thanks for all your help this year....looking forward to 2013!!!!

  2. You forgot to say that Chrishell and Sheena's adopters were repeat adopters. They adopted King in 2000 and he died earlier this year. They also adopted Misty in 2003. She died last year. So we know for a fact "The Girls" got a terrific home. I LOVE IT WHEN THEY COME BACK FOR THEIR NEW PUPS no matter how old the pups may be!! Pat

    1. I forgot to mention that....I love it when they come back!!!!