Monday, October 26, 2015

Rest in Peace Miss Kay.......

This is one of the hardest posts I've had to write for a very long time. We have to say goodbye to one of our favorite girls.....Kay. Kay was a beautiful Akita.....I know we run a husky rescue but when I started volunteering she was there with her son, Kaj. We actually got him adopted and she went to foster. The foster's fell in love with her and were going to adopt her and take her to England with them. That all fell through when the guy lost his job and Kay came back to us.......she was basically the house dog for the last six years. Everyone loved her....on days when volunteers were around they loved to take her for walks or just hang around her. She really was our gentle giant. The last year or two were starting to get hard on her......arthritis in her back legs made it hard for her to walk, but we still tried to get her out as much as possible. The last month or so she has barely been able to get up at all, we would have to literally pick her up to take outside....and then she couldn't stay up. She wasn't eating much and just wasn't Kay. I saw her this morning....brought her some fancy cookies we didn't think she'd eat......she did.....but she just couldn't move. We knew it was coming......she went to sleep peacefully late this afternoon......

We will miss you so much....but at least you can finally romp around at the Rainbow Bridge......

Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Tale of Two Doggies......

In September I posted about Rama and Sita getting adopted together. We, of course, couldn't have been happier that these two that came in together got a brand new home together!!! When Rama met Ray he knew he was home, but Sita was a bit more reserved. She had a few days of chewing and marking behavior, but that is gone and she knows she is home. Ray sent a bunch of pics of them so here we go.....

Hanging out in their new backyard......
They are doing great!!!!
We miss them , but are sure happy they have a wonderful new home with lots of love!!!
Have a great afternoon!!!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Nine Years.......

Today it's been nine years since my Mom passed. It, of course , was the only day....out of nine....that I wasn't at the nursing home at least once a day. My son's girlfriend thought I was getting too burned out, I was, and took me out to dinner. When I got home I got the call. For years I felt horrible, but she was no longer conscious, even though I willed her to be. I miss her all the time....think of her every day. I'm including the poem my son wrote on October 13th , 2006. It never fails to make me cry.......
Mom, me , Mom's friend, Dad with Cathy
In honor of my grandmother." VIRGINIA RUTH BAUMGARTNER June 2, 1928 - October 12, 2006 
In honor of your memory I took paper to pen; 
I never knew the real you who you were or where you've been. 
I only knew the woman who'd put a smile on my face; 
I never knew the story behind the wrinkles on your face. 
The many storms you weathered and the calms when you made peace; 
I wish I had been old enough to learn the secrets that you'd keep. 
So, without you we wander on into the rest of our lives; 
Without the wisdom we could've gained when you were alive. 
We wander on... I wrote these words for you for the rest of them to hear; 
It's time for you to move along to eternity without fear. 
And may you now be at peace in a place without love or hate; 
Where everything is perfect beyond life's golden gates. 
The rest of us will strive and struggle and keep you in our hearts; 
I'll always remember this piece of wisdom The whole is the sum of it's parts. 
A time will come when we're all gone we'll see each other again; 
I wish you could have taught me more and I'm sure you will again. 
I won't forget the time we shared I will not forget you; 
It wasn't until your time had come that you taught me what you knew. 
Forgive me as I wander on... R.I.P. Virginia Baumgartner; 
What you couldn't teach me in life I learned only by your death. 
Written by Ian Poole October 13, 2006

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Off the grid.....

Wow...I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in two weeks. I do have an excuse for this though, I've been spending the last few weeks sorting, organizing and pricing donations for a garage sale I had last weekend for the rescue. I've never seen so much stuff in my poor garage....couldn't even get my bike out to ride it. We had a perfect day with perfect weather but it was a bit disappointing in sales. At the end of the day we had so much left over we boxed it and will be moving it to my friend Denise's house and try it again on the 17th. Hopefully we make a ton more money for the rescue!!

Yep...that was my driveway and garage on Saturday!!!!
I took my very barky dogs, Tank and Faith, to our directors for the day....really didn't need them going crazy all day. When I came to pick them up they were so happy to see me they both had to ride shotgun on the way home!!!

They did get their nails trimmed....something I hate to I just told them they had a spa day.....they weren't convinced.
Have a great evening!!!
I will be back soon.....sooner than two weeks I promise!!!