Monday, October 12, 2015

Nine Years.......

Today it's been nine years since my Mom passed. It, of course , was the only day....out of nine....that I wasn't at the nursing home at least once a day. My son's girlfriend thought I was getting too burned out, I was, and took me out to dinner. When I got home I got the call. For years I felt horrible, but she was no longer conscious, even though I willed her to be. I miss her all the time....think of her every day. I'm including the poem my son wrote on October 13th , 2006. It never fails to make me cry.......
Mom, me , Mom's friend, Dad with Cathy
In honor of my grandmother." VIRGINIA RUTH BAUMGARTNER June 2, 1928 - October 12, 2006 
In honor of your memory I took paper to pen; 
I never knew the real you who you were or where you've been. 
I only knew the woman who'd put a smile on my face; 
I never knew the story behind the wrinkles on your face. 
The many storms you weathered and the calms when you made peace; 
I wish I had been old enough to learn the secrets that you'd keep. 
So, without you we wander on into the rest of our lives; 
Without the wisdom we could've gained when you were alive. 
We wander on... I wrote these words for you for the rest of them to hear; 
It's time for you to move along to eternity without fear. 
And may you now be at peace in a place without love or hate; 
Where everything is perfect beyond life's golden gates. 
The rest of us will strive and struggle and keep you in our hearts; 
I'll always remember this piece of wisdom The whole is the sum of it's parts. 
A time will come when we're all gone we'll see each other again; 
I wish you could have taught me more and I'm sure you will again. 
I won't forget the time we shared I will not forget you; 
It wasn't until your time had come that you taught me what you knew. 
Forgive me as I wander on... R.I.P. Virginia Baumgartner; 
What you couldn't teach me in life I learned only by your death. 
Written by Ian Poole October 13, 2006


  1. I know how much you feel her loss. If this day is more difficult than others, I am sorry. I hope you feel her presence in your life because, I believe, that kind of energy, that much life force, doesn't just disappear because the body is gone.
    Love you.

    1. I agree with you....she is always around. Love you too girl.....

  2. I know how some days can just hurt so bad,,, this is an example of hurting.
    I am sorry

    1. Thank you feels like a long time and just yesterday....