Friday, March 29, 2019

Meet Jaxen!!!

Well...really you have already met him....his former name was Slash.....

After he was given the green light on his leg I contacted many of the people that expressed interest in taking him. The next day a family from Houston came by to say hello and the next week brought their dog , Kona , to see how they would get along. He , of course, was bouncing everywhere but Kona let him know that she was the alpha in the pack and they ended up not only having a good time but he was adopted on the spot.

With the new family!!

With big sis!!!
I gave him a few weeks to settle in before I introduced , or reintroduced , him to the world. So happy he has a new family, new sister, new name and a wonderful new life. Steve and Kim are at home and he gets to spend a ton of time with them. They are working on training the wild child but he seems to be doing well!!

Daily walks with Kona
He had a really tough start and I'm happy that he has a chance at the good life.
I have a lot of people to thank for helping our boy Jaxen...Steve, Kim and Kona for taking him into their loving friend Sonja , thanks for the foster during Christmas....Denise for letting him be around some other dogs for a week and a half before adoption...Cy-Fair Animal Hospital for putting him back together again...all of you for your good thoughts and prayers and donations. Don't know what would have happened without you!!

Jaxen says thanks.....he really loves his happy ending.....
Have a wonderful afternoon....will update soon with new pics.....