Friday, May 31, 2013

Two years ago today.....

So this is a completely non dog post....but here you go. Two years ago at about two in the afternoon I walked out of the corporate world forever. This was not my choice to retire, but my company's. I was bitter that day and was not prepared at all, but it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I worked for 25 years for this company and had about ten good years where I got to travel and work all around the world. When that part of my work went away I spent two years hating to wake up in the morning and hating what I worked at. So that day I vowed to change how things were. This has been the best two years ever. I get to do what I want....which is mostly working with dogs and rescue. I will never regret walking out that day and have never looked back. And today I got some great news about something that has been bothering all is good. See you soon!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Years Ago.....

Seems like that since I wrote my blog. I know it's been two weeks, but those have been some tough two weeks.....lots of issues I can't talk about now, but no one died , so really it's OK. We shall move on!!!
I wanted to write a post today about my beautiful boy TJ. Four years ago I had just gotten my last foster adopted and was deciding who to take next. I had narrowed it down to two boys, both of them got along well with Lizzy. One was an adorable red and white, very similar to Lizzy and the other was Mr. TJ. When I arrived at the rescue that morning to make my decision, there was a couple there looking at both dogs. Since they were going to adopt, I figured I would take the one not adopted and make him my foster. When it came down to it , the red and white.....who's name I can't remember, went home with a new family and TJ came home with me. A couple of weeks later I became a failed foster and decided to keep TJ here with Lizzy and me. I know nothing about his back story,he was  picked up by animal control, no microchip or tags. He has turned out to be a great addition to my home, super friendly......kind of a big , goofy boy!! I think he is around the same age as Lizzy, about seven. So happy 4 years to all of us and many more to go!!!!!!
Lizzy and TJ.....a meeting of the minds!!!

My beautiful boy!!!!
Adoption updates, Mom and puppy updates......and many more coming soon.....I promise.
Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One fantastic story!!!!

I had a couple of other things I was going to post today....but this story takes all precedence. Monday, midday, I got a note from our director with a plea to please post a dog in animal control. Actually it was a Mom and her nine puppies that were going to be put down that night.
Our director hadn't seen the e-mail earlier due to her we were in a panic to get to get the family out. Pat put them on  hold for the next day and I posted far and wide hoping for a miracle!!! And we got a miracle!!! One of our long time volunteers , Angie, stepped up and took the whole family. You can't believe what a relief that was....all these babies were going to be safe!! The good thing is we have a lot of people willing to take the babies as foster when they are weaned from Mom. Sometimes when I'm struggling so hard  
to figure out all the horrible stuff that happens , there are good things that happen to make my day easier. Just look over the last year, Karina and her puppies, BLD, Iniki and Murray and now this family. When people come through like this it renews my faith in humans, somewhat!!! Here is the contrasting picture from last night........
They know that they a warm and safe....that picture makes me cry. I know that a lot of you have helped us in the last year with all our kids....but I'm asking for your help again. All of the dogs will need shots, food and everything else imaginable. Two of the puppies aren't doing so well, so they may need more help from the vet. Please, if you can help these tiny two week old babies and their Momma, go to Husky Haven and donate to our PayPay. Any amount will help these puppies get into a new home. Thank you so much.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday!!!

So I had a post all written last night, but forgot to publish it!!! Happy belated birthday, Dad. My father was 87 years old yesterday and still going strong. He was saying he figured he'd never make it this long.....but he has. He's basically in good health, really minor stuff for the most part. I love him so much, even though we've had our disagreements through the years.
That's the two of us so many years ago!!! Happy birthday, Dad...and many more healthy years!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rescues and Rides- Rescue Edition

So I promised a post about the other rescues at the show last Saturday. I wanted to do this a couple of days ago, but time got the best of you have it now and here we go!!!
First, a big thank you to ReggiesFriends for inviting us!! Below is a picture of Reggie, he is a deaf pit bull, and a real sweetheart!!

Thanks again Reggie!!!!
A dog up for adoption through ReggiesFriends was the beautiful Big G. He's so great and loves everyone!!!
Big G
Check out Zoi's Animal Rescue and see beautiful Gage....what a cool boy he is!!!
How about Tink , the pretty tripod girl....she didn't let three legs slow her down!!!! Catch her at TheTattooed Dog Rescue!!!
Here is Giselle from the group The Forgotten Pet Advocates. I really like that they are trying to get homes for animals that have been abandoned in boarding facilities all across Houston. I work at different kennels and this is more common than you might think. 
Here's Shasta from the English Bulldog Rescue Network , look at that face!!!
Talk about faces....check out Lola from Short Mugs Rescue Squad...what a cutie!!!
I have three to feature from HOPE , Langley, Pepper and Sadie.


How about dapper Edward from Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Club, he looks pretty cool with his bow tie!!!
I missed a bunch of rescues because the weather changed so rapidly...but we also had the pits, Great Danes and my friend Kathleen's Love Puppy Breath Rescue...and a few I never got to. What I want to say is please help a dog or cat in will change their life and yours. These are all fantastic rescues doing incredible work. If you can adopt, foster ,volunteer or donate , please help. I always want you to help the Husky rescue....but there are all types of animals out there that need you....thanks.
Tomorrow a special post......
Have a great night.....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rescues and Rides- The Husky Edition...

Wow.... I can't believe it's May first and that I haven't posted in almost a week. Been crazy around here with all my jobs and the fact that our director had knee surgery this week, don't get much time for myself!!! I know that's no excuse, but that's what I'm using. why the Husky Edition?? We were at a really great show last Saturday called Rescues and Rides and I wanted to show our dogs in one post and feature some of the other rescues in another. So today, our babies. We were really having a great time at that show, smaller than some we've worked....but a lot of fun and a lot of great people. It was put together by ReggiesFriends and we want to thank them for inviting us. I'll have info on Reggie tomorrow. We had eight volunteers and five dogs come out for the show. Thanks to all of you for are the best ever!!!
Miss Joelle making her second show in two weeks!!!!!

Lanny, such a pretty boy!!!!

I don't know who he's giving the evil eye to!!!!
Miss Sassy having a great time at her first show!!!!

Lanny and Colin checking each other out!!!
I forgot to say they had a bunch of classic rides there, of course I only focused on the dogs!!!! I didn't get a picture of Captain Jack.....he and Denise showed up just as the downpour was starting!!! Yes, we got rained out but we got a few hours to show off our fabulous dogs!!!!
Tomorrow I feature the other rescues....till then.....