Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Weekend......

So last Saturday we took our dogs to Houston Baptist University. HBU's mascot is from Husky Haven so they asked me five months ago to help put together an event with them. Of course I was thrilled and got my friend, Denise, involved with me. We had pics taken with the women's basketball team, meetings, etc. Denise and I worked tirelessly for the October 15th date when HBU would have homecoming and we would have a huge event. Best laid plans......needless to say. I am going to write some more and share more pics, but suffice to say our dogs had the very best time. I have a few pics here and a lot more to come.....thanks Lady Huskies for loving on the dogs!!!
Amika front, Kaskea in the back


Kaila watching the game with her buddy, Nache

Sapphire having the best time.....
These were my pics, but I'm going to be posting pictures taken by Laura, they are so much more professional!!!!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Ten years.....

Kind of a strange day to come back to my blog.....ten years ago my mom died. I think about her everyday and will never forget her. I found this picture when I was cleaning out the house.....she was beautiful. I repost this poem....could not have said it better....
Love you Mom..........and Lizzy and Ash.....miss all of you

In honor of my grandmother." VIRGINIA RUTH BAUMGARTNER June 2, 1928 - October 12, 2006 
In honor of your memory I took paper to pen; 
I never knew the real you who you were or where you've been. 
I only knew the woman who'd put a smile on my face; 
I never knew the story behind the wrinkles on your face. 
The many storms you weathered and the calms when you made peace; 
I wish I had been old enough to learn the secrets that you'd keep. 
So, without you we wander on into the rest of our lives; 
Without the wisdom we could've gained when you were alive. 
We wander on... I wrote these words for you for the rest of them to hear; 
It's time for you to move along to eternity without fear. 
And may you now be at peace in a place without love or hate; 
Where everything is perfect beyond life's golden gates. 
The rest of us will strive and struggle and keep you in our hearts; 
I'll always remember this piece of wisdom The whole is the sum of it's parts. 
A time will come when we're all gone we'll see each other again; 
I wish you could have taught me more and I'm sure you will again. 
I won't forget the time we shared I will not forget you; 
It wasn't until your time had come that you taught me what you knew. 
Forgive me as I wander on... R.I.P. Virginia Baumgartner; 
What you couldn't teach me in life I learned only by your death. 
Written by Ian Poole October 13, 2006