Monday, November 7, 2016


I actually like the show we do at's close to where I am and only 6 hours of work on a Saturday!!! So we went to Bridgeland on October 29th.
I have to say I missed this show last year, Lizzy was sick to her stomach and I couldn't leave her all day. Rained last year, this year it was 90 degrees....under the tent it was a few degrees hotter....couldn't get cloud cover or a breeze all day. In Houston you never know what you're going to get at this time of year!!!! Anyway...I got a late note from one of my volunteers that she couldn't make it that day and so I decided to pick up Sukari so at least we would have a dog. Good call on my part...Miss Sukari was the only dog there from about 10 till 11:30...she didn't mind though, she loves to be the belle of the ball!!
Sukari looking pretty!!!
Poor Michelle and her sister were supposed to bring two dogs....had a dead battery...but still got there with two dogs before noon!!! Considering the heat and all the people we really did have a good time. We sold lots of merchandise and got a few applications for adoption I am working on. Have to thank Laura for helping me set-up and all my volunteers...Michelle, Heather, Sameera, Alex, Brianna, Jon and Faith.

Drifter is so sweet!!!

 Sapphire chilling!!!
Kaila checking things out!!!!

We did have fun.....I hope everyone agrees....I know the dogs slept well that night....hopefully just another step to getting them forever homes.....
Miss you Miss Liz....
Have a great evening!!!!