Sunday, April 29, 2012

A new adoption....and a little about us!!!!

I entered the rescue Friday....and our puppy Willy had been adopted the night before!!! He left with a wonderful family....they have adopted from us before. I know he will be really happy in his new home......I talked to his parents yesterday and they told me he was adjusting well to his new life!!
I'm excited to start my new life!!!!

That makes three adopted from the six we had......hopefully we'll get great new homes for our last three puppies!!!!
Damn it's hot in Houston!!!
I started this blog to talk about the rescue , but also to feature my three now is the time. I wrote about Lizzy in the beginning...she is my girl and I love being around her. She ended up in animal control because she was a habitual escapee!!! The family that had her would leave her outside all day....Huskies are pretty resourceful and she'd find a way out....she had no interaction with anyone. After a few times going to get her they decided they didn't want to hassle with her on to animal control and then Husky Haven then to me. I never had dogs growing up and she is the best. So more on my other kids tomorrow......

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Puppy Update

So puppies will be exactly three months old time flies!!!! I was going have a video in here but now I apparently can't , don't know what's going on......but we now have only four puppies and hopefully down to two soon. Silly got adopted this last weekend and we are hoping for good things for the other babies!!! They are so wonderful...never got to be with puppies everyday and see them grow. Tomorrow they will get their first heartworm meds and get their rabies shots this week.

Milly and Billy ready to get into it over a plastic water bottle

Same with Willy and Billy

Miss Lilly

Lilly and Billy 

Milly and Billy getting into a fight about the water that time it was gone...

Mr Willy sitting under his favorite tree!!!
If you can help please go to babies will be spayed/neutered this week.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pet Expo 2012

Last Saturday was Pet Expo. This was the second year and they expanded the space and had a lot more rescues. They also had Shorty Rossi of The Pit Boss, doing his book tour there. We were excited for the show was a fun venue last year and this year did not dissapoint. We brought three dogs with us......Mallory, Skylar and Effie. Effie and Skylar had never been to a really crowded venue , so I was hoping they would be on their best behavior. No need to worry , all three of them were perfect!!!! We had a wonderful time.....and it looks like we will get three, and maybe more adoptions from the show. I used to count a show as successful by the amount of donations, and I really like donations......but it's a great show by the amount of dogs we get to wonderful new homes. Looks like we accomplished that!!!!
Shorty signing books

Check out Hercules chilling on the table!!!! hair looked pretty good!!!

Shorty and me!!!!!

Donna, Barbie and our girl Mallory.......

Skylar and Mallory

Barbie, Barb, Donna and Skylar working the booth

The girls with Skylar and Mallory

Our babies, Skylar and Mallory!!!

Mark holding his girl Effie with Felicia looking on!!!!

Effie waiting for someone to pet her......

Mallory and Effie

Donna, Kim and Cyndii

This is King from the agility booth next to you can see he was dressed as a stripper for the costume contest..I couldn't resist!!!!!
I want to thank the hardest working crew ever........Cyndii, Donna, Barb, Donna M., Barbie, Natalie,Tracey, Kim, Mark and guys were fantastic. Also , our boy Skylar will be on the cover of Urban Paws magazine next month......if you are in Houston.....pick one up!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Puppies,Whitney and Nellie updates....

Husky Haven puppies are 11 weeks old today!!!!! I'm going to show some pictures and video I took today and probably tomorrow I'm going to post pictures from two months ago against today......they have grown so much!!!! 

Milly is the calm little girl!!!

Willy and Lilly playing tug of war

Billy and Silly trying to get the last of the milk and cereal!!!

Just chillin' !!!!!

I took a couple of pictures of Whitney this was sprinkling so they aren't as clear as I would have least you can see she has gained some weight and her skin is looking better. A month ago she would barely move from her she goes out and has interaction with other dogs......all of these things are a plus for her continued recovery.

Such a pretty girl!!!!

Come on.....It's time to eat!!!!
I posted about Nellie and her move to Oklahoma a week or so ago and I'm pleased to have pictures of Nellie in her new you can see, she is loving it!!!!!! Husky Haven is always happy to see our babies content in their new surroundings!!!!
What a life.......

I mean seriously!!!!!

Playing with new friends!!!!
The puppies should be getting rabies shots and we will be spaying/neutering soon. If you can help please go to We appreciate it.....check out our other sweet adoptable babies too!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I want to talk a bit about Whitney. Husky Haven rescued her from animal control in mid February. She was just found walking on the streets , trying to fend for herself. I didn't post previously, she was so sick....we needed to see what happened. She had intestinal problems and weighed about 20 pounds less than she should have. She also had some patches that looked like mange......could have been anything at that point. I was scared she was not going to make it. We literally had to force feed her for the first few weeks. At the same time we noticed she was exhibiting signs of distemper......snotty nose, fever, discharge around the eyes.....this was probably why she couldn't keep anything down. We found a doctor in Houston that uses a new vaccine for have to give it to the dog before they start exhibiting neurological symptoms. She wasn't there yet and she was the perfect candidate. She was given a series of injections over two days and then it was wait and see. In a few days her nose cleared up, eyes too, and no fever. The great thing is that she started eating on her own!!!! 

Whitney in February

Such a sweet face

This is how skinny she was....I could put my hand more than halfway around her

Some kind of skin condition on both sides of her body
Not sure if she's completely out of the woods yet......still painfully thin. She does eat many times a day, so things look hopeful. We would like to get a few more pounds on her and then get her to a loving family so she can start her life over. If you can contribute to Whitney's care , please go to , all help is appreciated. Tomorrow, some current pictures of Whitney and a puppy update!!!!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ten Weeks Old......

Hard to believe the puppies are ten weeks old today!!!We decided to put them in the back this morning with their Momma, Karina......they have been running a bit to far in the front......and we can't take Momma in front to patrol them. As you can see they wanted back in the house immediately......this was a completely new experience for them!!!!
Silly and Lilly trying to get back in!!!!!
Momma is great and she spent the whole time herding them around the yard.....playing and running!!! I haven't posted many pics of Karina....usually she was feeding...that's all over now and you can tell she likes that!!!
My close up.........

Silly licking Momma....

OK....I've had enough!!!
Karina is still very thin......but we hope now puppies are weaned she will put on some weight!!!!!
Willy,Milly and Billy"s butt......

I'm going after Mom.......

Me too!!!!!!!!
We still need help with neuter/spay........that needs to happen soon. If you can , please go to and donate for the puppies.........every little bit helps.

So one more picture.....I posted that Hudson got adopted a couple of weeks he is running around in his new place!!!!! He is having a great time and we are so happy he got a forever home!!!!

I should be posting some video of the puppies soon , they are really full of energy!!!!! Hope you enjoy the pics....see you soon with more news!!!!!