Sunday, April 29, 2012

A new adoption....and a little about us!!!!

I entered the rescue Friday....and our puppy Willy had been adopted the night before!!! He left with a wonderful family....they have adopted from us before. I know he will be really happy in his new home......I talked to his parents yesterday and they told me he was adjusting well to his new life!!
I'm excited to start my new life!!!!

That makes three adopted from the six we had......hopefully we'll get great new homes for our last three puppies!!!!
Damn it's hot in Houston!!!
I started this blog to talk about the rescue , but also to feature my three now is the time. I wrote about Lizzy in the beginning...she is my girl and I love being around her. She ended up in animal control because she was a habitual escapee!!! The family that had her would leave her outside all day....Huskies are pretty resourceful and she'd find a way out....she had no interaction with anyone. After a few times going to get her they decided they didn't want to hassle with her on to animal control and then Husky Haven then to me. I never had dogs growing up and she is the best. So more on my other kids tomorrow......


  1. Aw, so great about the adoption! And Lizzy looks so happy in that pool. :-)

    1. Like she said it's hot in happy about life is glad when someone helps you Rama!!!

  2. Willie's new mommy here. little man is doing great. He had a big adventure yesterday. he went to the vet and got f-i-x-e-d. he doing really well except for fighting with the cone of shame. he is such a smart little guy - ok not so little he weighs in at 16 lbs as of yesterday. He is learning fetch and how to sleep in a kennal next to his big sister sasha (9 yr old female husky) and he currently devising an early warning sysem for ninja kitty phebe. he has mastered sit and loves cuddles and playing with sasha. soon willie and i will be enrolling in puppy classes. he loves giving us puppy kisses too. think little guy had me from when i held him when he was a day old.