Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just some more stuff!!!!!

When we were at Pet Expo a couple of weeks ago we really got a lot of good applications from that show. I haven't posted about all our adoptions....but I am going to talk about one now. An older gentleman , that had adopted from us before , came to talk.......he was looking for a smaller Husky.....around 30 to 40 pounds.....both he and his wife are in their mid-seventies and didn't feel they could handle a 60 pound dog anymore. We have a poster with our adoptable dogs on it....he asked me the weight on each one. He actually sent an application that day and Tuesday evening was there to look at dogs. I'm happy to report he picked Lil , she was another mini-Husky....weighing in at about 40 pounds. Another successful and happy adoption!!!!!
Love my new home!!!!!
I want to introduce my other two family members TJ and Tank. I had Lizzy for about a year and decided I needed a companion for her. I had fostered 5 or 6 dogs during that year......but all were adopted and off to wonderful homes. I had narrowed it down to two dogs....TJ and a red and white male (I can't remember his name now). I really wanted the red and white!!! When I arrived at the rescue that day.....a family was already there and in love with the red and white!!! It was a wonderful home and I decided TJ would be coming home with me.....he has been the best dog laid back and was meant to be!! I never knew his back story....only that he was an owner turn in at animal control....... it time to eat??????

TJ and Lizzy in their usual afternoon configuration!!!!
For the next year it was the three of us.......I was working a lot.....knew at that point I really didn't have time for another foster or another dog. In 2010 things calmed down at work a bit....but I really wasn't ready for a new housemate. Of course all that was about to change. In early May 2010 some Husky Haven volunteers were driving down a multi-laned highway and spotted a black dog sitting on the side of the road. When they pulled over they realized he had his tags and his leash on....they assumed he had escaped!! They called the number on his tags....over and over in return call. They kept him for a couple of weeks then asked me if they could take him to a small outdoor show we were doing.....see if they could drum up some interest.   At the show that day, Tank basically sat a my feet and stared at me.....I knew I was in trouble!!!! Within a couple of weeks I had dog number three.......and he fits perfectly with my Huskies. When I took him to the vet the first time, they told me he was about 6 years old........never understand how you could dump a family pet after so long!!!!!

Please let me sleep!!!!!

Thanks for the super scary eyes Mom!!!!!!
I don't know what breed Tank is....we think he is part pit......if you have any ideas let me know. That's my family......I still foster......but my neighborhood only allows three dogs....and that's enough for me!!!!!! Till next time...........

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