Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adam, Whitney and Mallory......

Husky Haven has been doing well these days with our adoptions. Pet Expo helped and I think the economy is a bit better than it has been for the last few years........whatever it is I hope it continues!! These are three of the dogs that have gone to great homes.
Adam was in our program for a few years. He has storm fright and the first couple that adopted him didn't crate him during a huge storm, let's just say it wasn't he came back to us. He was such a sweet boy.....but just no interest.
A couple of weeks ago a couple came to see some of our white dogs, particularly Adam and Iceman, since both have storm fright. They wanted to work with one of the dogs , see if they could help. They took Adam home and basically adopted him that day. We did have a storm right after that, he had problems, but this couple is very understanding and he has a fantastic new home!!!!
I love watching TV!!!!!
You can see he's having a wonderful dogs never pay attention to the TV, but they say he sits like this for a half hour or more!!!! We wish him the best new life!!!!
Whitney was the little girl that came to us emaciated, 20 pounds underweight, that we had to hand feed. She also had the start of distemper and we got her through that!!!

This is what she looked like in February.......we didn't even get her on the website till later......didn't know if she was going to make it.
With my new running buddy, Koda!!!!!
Here's what she looked like last week with her new brother , Koda!!! We are so happy she got a great home.....and happy she has a new chance to begin her life!!!! You will be missed little girl!!!
Mallory was my foster for about three months. She was a mini Husky and she fit in well with my three dogs.

She had a ton of interest at Pet Expo......because of her size and temperament. I talked to many couples that wanted her and was happy to note we had a bunch of applications that evening. One couple stood out to me  and they were the ones Mal and I picked. They had lost their dog a few months before.....and were not thinking to get a dog right then.....but they fell in love with Mal. That next week she went to her amazing new home. I know she has been on a boat and had other adventures already. I'm so happy she is with someone who will love her and not discard her.
One last picture of her relaxing on my couch.......Love you Mal....have an awesome new life!!!!
We have a lot of other sweet, deserving Huskies......please check them out , and if you can donate we appreciate Till next time!!!


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  2. Nice to have you stop by and say hi!!!!Thanks

  3. So great to see these babies in their forever homes. Adam watching TV cracks me up, Amber lounging in bed, Whitney looking good and Malory with her beautiful facial markings. Thanks to their new parents for giving them wonderful homes. Becky...Husky Haven volunteer.