Saturday, May 12, 2012 there is one.......

My sweet girl Lilly got adopted today!!!!!! She was my absolute favorite......didn't look a ton Husky.....kinda different color......but the most wonderful girl you will ever know!! A family that adopted from us a few years ago was looking on the website and saw we had some puppies.....and Lilly was close in color to their girl. The two had a meet and greet today and absolutely no problems!!! Her new sis, Jersey, did teach Lilly how to run through mud good luck with that Mom and Dad!!!! I will , of course, miss her.....along with the other babies......but I know that everyone has gone to a great home!!! Love you girl!!!
Doing what I do best, give kisses!!!!
The new family portrait.....Mom, Dad, Jersey and me!!!!!
I think that Milly may be spoken for also.......then all of our babies will have gone to wonderful, safe and loving homes!!! But there is no shortage of Huskies.......please go to to check out our other deserving kids!!!!!!

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