Friday, May 11, 2012

And then there were two......

So now we are down to just two little girls......Milly and Lilly!! Our two boys , Billy and Willy got adopted in the last couple of weeks!!!!  Billy went home with a mom and her 14 year old son and Willy was adopted by a couple that had dogs from us before. As sad as I am to see them go......I'm also happy that they found wonderful homes. The boy was playing ball with Billy while his mom filled out paperwork......I know he is going to be so happy to have a new friend!!!!
I'll miss it here....but I'm gonna have a lot of fun!!!
Willy is off to his great new you can see from the picture....he is very comfortable there!!!! Thanks guys for taking care of this great boy!!!
I think I'm gonna like this!!!!!
We are so very happy for these you boys!!!!
I have to throw a picture in here of my about comfortable...........

You just gotta love it!!!!! I have a ton more adoptions to talk has been crazy. Once again if you can help or are interested in any of our dogs, please go to!!! Thanks...

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