Friday, May 18, 2012


So, I talked about her yesterday Miss Mal is Meeshka. Wanted to say as a rescuer/foster I want to have my girl go to the most perfect family. Check out the girl is a princess!!!!

Always cross my legs, I'm a proper girl!!!

I'm not so proper when I sleep!!!

Loving those ducks!!!
I want to thank Meeshka's new Mom and Dad....Mal and I made the right choice.......Love you Mom and Dad!!!! I will miss you girl!!!Go to www to find more great dogs...Later


  1. Malory gets to go boating! Yeah...Mal.

  2. She has the best life...lovely girl!!

  3. I love THE MEESHKA! Glad I am her new Aunt Amanda :) She has the best parents ever and she's such a doll!

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    looks a lovely girtl...

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  5. Thanks Amanda...glad you love her and nice to meet you!!! Nice to see you again Keith....she is a lovely and wonderful girl!!!