Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday Garage Sale.......a few other items....

So Saturday we had a garage sale at my house....all proceeds to go to Husky Haven. A couple of weeks before, volunteers began dropping off boxes of sale items. This is what my garage looked like on Friday afternoon........

Sorry parking in the garage this weekend!!!!
And  you thought that was bad......this is what it looked like at 4 AM Saturday morning as I was pulling out items.......

And this is how it looked all day!!!!!

I'm not one for garage sales......just never go to them......I really don't like to have them either.......but once every couple of years is okay. We did make a lot of money and Husky Haven is super happy!!!! I have to give a shout out to the greatest girls ever....Barb, Becky, Donna M, Cyndii and Lauren. They worked tirelessly all day to make this work........thanks a ton ladies!!!!!!
On to a wonderful adoption.......our beautiful girl Amber was adopted by our friend Donna. Amber was rescued from animal control late last year along with her three puppies. Unfortunately, Amber had those puppies outside after she'd been dumped......they had been living in a culvert when animal control picked them up. The puppies were in bad shape and turns out they had distemper.....they didn't last long. Amber had distemper too.....but we managed to get her to a doc in town that gives a new works as long as the dog has no neurological damage. Luckily she was in early stages and after a few days felt better and  started eating again. She is such a sweet little mini Husky and I know Donna will be the best mom.
Love your bed and my new home, Mom!!!!!!!!
We have had a flurry of adoptions the last few weeks........I'll be updating.....till then..........


  1. Seeing this picture brings tears to my glad to see her in her new home. This baby deserves all the happiness she can get after being dumped in a ditch and giving birth all alone, unloved, hungry and scared. She is tiny enough to carry around in your arms. Thanks Donna!

  2. So glad she has a wonderful home now....she will be loved and taken care of!!!!!