Monday, May 28, 2012

Four Months Old and an Update on Skye!!!

I've been a bit remiss in updating my blog.......been super busy, but things are getting back to normal. On the 26th the puppies were 4 months old!!!! I've been with them everyday and it's really strange now to just have one. She's got a good application for her so soon there will probably be none. She was set up to see a new family yesterday....but has had a few tummy we wanted to make sure Milly is okay before she goes to her new place. Here are a couple of pictures of her yesterday with Mom.

She was feeling much better this morning....and back to eating. I miss the babies, but I know that they are in good soon as I get some more pictures I will update all of them.
I also wanted to talk about Skye. She was a sweet girl that we had in our program for a long one seemed to be interested.

About two months a couple came over with their older dog and wanted to look at a couple at two of our younger girls. Our director and I talked about it and decided to bring out Skye first.......even though they hadn't asked to see her. We thought because of their dog's age.....and the fact that Skye is very laid back this might be a better match. Skye came out and rested her head on Dad's leg and they immediately formed a bond. There was no friction with the other dog.....what we were hoping for.....and she followed him all around the yard. After a bit I knew I would have to bring out the other two girls.......those were the ones they wanted to see after all!!! I put Skye up and let out the other two, one by one, but they were both too hyper, and too young, for their dog and for them. In the end Skye got a wonderful new place to go....and we did make the right choice to show her.
I'm the happiest girl in the world!!!!!

Enjoying that new toy!!!

Exploration time!!!!

Hanging out with Dad!!!!!!
I'm so happy for my have a great life ,Skye!!!!! If you can help one of our beautiful babies , please go to and consider adopting, fostering or making a donation!!!!

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