Friday, June 1, 2012

An Update on Whitney....and a Few Other Things....

So Whitney's new Mom sent me a note and pics yesterday!!! She says that Whitney is keeping her new brother Koda in line , like the females do.... and she is a wonderful addition to their family!!! She also said that she likes to swim.....hope to see pictures of that soon!!!! I'm so happy she is doing well....we didn't know if she was going to make it 3 months ago. Enjoy the pictures.....

Going for a ride with my bro, Koda!!!!

Really....they didn't pose us this way!!!
Getting ready for a swim!!!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to be setting up a contest to help name our new kid. I know it's been posted, but Husky Haven rescued a poor baby with both bones broken in one leg. He had surgery yesterday and was picked up this afternoon.....without surgery his leg would have to have been amputated. He is now on antibiotics and pain meds and under our directors watchful eye.

This isn't a great picture....but I will have some updated shots tomorrow. As you can imagine surgery wasn't cheap....for everything so's around $2000.00. If you can....and believe me everything helps.....go to our website at and donate for this baby. We really appreciate it.....update tomorrow....


  1. On Whitney what an awesome addition to our family she is truly a sweet girl and we all love her. She has really taken to my husband (her grandpa)and he to her. She has truly touched our hearts. I thank your organization for all you do and for bringing her to us.

  2. Thanks Gloria....I'm so happy that she has found a place that will take care of her and make sure she is never at the bad point when she came to us!!! Need some swimming you guys and thanks again.....

  3. The look of love, contentment and the knowledge she is home is so clear in that last picture! Thanks for giving that sweet girl an awesome home...she so deserved it. She was hard to look at when we first got and bones...but still sweet after such a hard life. Thanks for the pictures...we love seeing our babies in their forever home! Becky (Husky Haven volunteer) .