Friday, June 29, 2012

OK so I'm in bitch mode tonight.....

I usually don't get mad or in anyone's face....but tonight is the night! I usually send pics and give great stories...I'm sick of that. I deal with sick dogs assholes that don't take care of their dogs.You know that I've been running this contest for our Broken Leg Dog....send me 20.00 and I'll send you a tee with a great name you've provided.We also have to treat him for heartworms....since his lazy. shiftless family didn't do it , and they tried to seriously hurt him. Please have no idea what we go through each day....
He's not walking on his leg , the chances of amputation get higher every day he does not take a step on that foot.....we want him to walk,please help....and thanks. So today in went with my best friend Becks to the kennel that we have a few dogs at....all of them heartworm positive...again people that didn't  give them heartworm meds every month...why are you so lazy!!!!  Now I'm gonna give a little lecture...all over the world there are mosquitoes....guess what when they bite your unprotected dog they get heartworms .Heartworm preventative is cheap... treating them later is not. That's why they go to animal control....lazy owners don't want to  deal with that........let's see the pretty dogs given up this week because stupid owners couldn't deal with heartworm meds........
This is Axel , a beautiful boy, his situation makes me sick...
This is little girl Angelina........both heartworm pos.....please help...........


  1. Beth,

    I've been reading your blog ever since my husband and I adopted Nellie early this year. I love your updates and pictures! This post broke my heart. People suck and do awful things to these innocent creatures, and they are just so lucky to have all the great people at Husky Haven who selflessly donate their time and talents! I donated some money on the website but couldn't find a place to write a name suggestion for I'm putting it here. Ari. In honor of another husky I knew who didn't get all the love and care he deserved from his human parents! Please keep up your amazing efforts and try not to lose faith that this rescue really does make a difference!

    Meredith Smith
    Tulsa, OK

    1. Thanks so much Meredith!!!! Some days it's just hard....since I retired this is what I do every day! Thanks so much for's our girl?I'm sure she's doing great, send me some pics and I will update her here!!!!

  2. There's not a day that goes by that I don't also curse the human scum who treat their dogs so horribly...Beth and I have long chats agonizing over how these people don't have a conscience. And we are just ONE rescue...all the others have their horror stories too. 20,000 dogs are euthanized in Houston a MONTH. What's wrong with our society? It's people like you Meredith that give us hope...adopting our babies that we have watched grow from emaciated, broken, depressed, hopeless, injured, mange covered and HW positive to beautiful, healthy, happy, hopeful dogs. When we see them leave with their new parents our hearts are full. Thanks to all who have adopted from us, donated, fostered and spread them word about rescue!

    Becky Raney ((Becks, lol). Husky Haven volunteer.