Sunday, June 3, 2012

Please help!!!!

I know that I always ask for donations on this's of course because we always need them!!! Now I have a special plea. Take a look at this beautiful face......

This boy was picked up by animal control last week.......just left on the side of the road. When they got him they immediately called Husky Haven to see if we could help. Both bones in his front right leg were broken and he had a tooth missing. We rescued him and got him to the vet and started antibiotics and pain meds to help him. The choice: amputation or surgery for his leg. The decision: surgery. He had to have a pin put through his leg to stabilize the two bones and his mouth was stitched up. The cost: $2000.00. You might ask why.......just look in his eyes. The hardest thing to stomach through this was the fact that someone kicked him or hit him with something. We originally thought he had been hit by a car.........the vet found no abrasions or bruising......just the localized breaks. This guy is a forty pound mini Husky........someone really wanted to hurt him.

I know these pics are hard to look at.......imagine having to take care of him everyday. He will have to be crated for the next three months in order to help him.....I will probably take him in for some of that time's a daunting task. Right now he has a Fentanyl patch around him to keep the pain from getting too much.
I'm having a contest for this boy's name.......for a $20.00 donation to at their Paypal and a name...sent to my blog or my I will send you a tee and and a treat or a toy for your dog. I can only do this domestically...too expensive international. If you can contribute internationally we always appreciate the help. Please this is a great cause and I will  make sure you get a tax receipt. Like I said at the top......please help....we have three credit cards covering this........


  1. I let him stay in the den about an hour today. He spent most of his time on his back just lounging!! He seems to feel much better today. I spoon fed him and he ate the whole can--just like feeding a baby. He has to have canned food because of stiches in his mouth.He is very sweet and seems to know we are trying to help him. He does not complain about anything. The only time he makes a noise is when he wants to go outside. We have had several donations and name choices. Be sure your name choice is unique--we have adopted over 1100 and never use a name twice!! Good Luck and Thank you!!

  2. He is such a sweet well mannered boy....just love him and hate to see him suffering.....