Friday, June 8, 2012

An Update.....and then there were none!!!!

Just let me guys are wonderful!!!! We've already gotten a bunch of donations....but, sadly we still need more. To those of you that have donated....thanks from the bottom of my heart. I cried a bit today when I saw how many great people came through for us!!! I also love all the name suggestions...and I think I get to pick!! I will send the winner one of my animal abuse awareness can check them out on my Etsy  store lovelylizzys. A few pics from the last couple of days.
He got a little break from the cone!!!

My sweet boy!!!!

His favorite place.......
He went to the doc yesterday....they say he is progressing well. Still a long road for this boy!!! Took his last antibiotic today and the pain patch they had on him is off. He still has weeks of crate to look forward to....but hopefully a great outcome. He never whines or complains......there is a special place in hell for the person that hurt him. Please consider donating $20.00 and sending a name for him at the contest still continues!!!

So, to our puppies......our last girl , Milly was adopted this week. She was such a great girl and , of course , went to a wonderful home. It's kind of was fun playing with them every day and now they are gone. I'm happy that they all went to great homes and I wish them the best as they grow up!!! I'm going to have some updates and new pics soon........

Here's one of the first pics I took....she was a few weeks old. Love you Miss Milly and wish you the best!!! Again if you can donate, go to Thanks to everyone......updates soon....

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