Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More news and a great adoption!!!!

So just want to thank all of you that have helped our poor little boy. He is finally eating enough to keep up his strength....and is so happy. I know he is still hurting.....but he never complains. We are still short $700.00 to $800.00 , so please keep sending in those unique names and donations!!! We will be sending out tee shirts to those of you that have donated and I will send one of these bracelets to the winner of our name contest!!!

Animal Abuse Awareness bracelets.... amethyst, crystals, silver and pewter!!! 
I have a couple of new pics for you.....I would have him as a foster now.....but my three would be always bugging him!!!! And he really needs his time without other dogs to get fully healed........
Saturday...with new friends!!!!

Finally eating!!


This morning....waiting for a tummy rub!!!!
Please keep those donations coming in at our PayPal at www.huskyhaven.org.........thanks so much!!!!

So yesterday we had an adoption that just started out as a change of fosters for the week. Babs was a baby we rescued from animal control.......a Husky mix. She had been with her foster Mom for about four months and we had no one interested in her......considering she was a pup that was a surprise. I had set up a photo shoot with a local magazine for Tuesday, and her foster Mom was going to bring her to my house for the week so we could get her pic. Meanwhile our director was working with a couple to possibly get Babs adopted. The timing couldn't have been better...the family and foster Mom showed up at my house at the same time. Babs was in the backyard and I already knew that our potential new Mom loved her. Had to run it through the their child , Dad and Brandi.....I was hoping she would be her new BFF. One of the criteria for adoption was that she would play ball with their son.......she was so distracted by all the attention at my house that she just never did........I was hoping they would give her a try though!! In the end she went home with all of them and played ball that night with her son!!! She got along great with their dog too!!! 

I'm ready to go!!!!

Babs , I mean Lily and her new friend Brandi!!!
I always love the happy endings......our little girl is now Lily and I hope she'll be catching ball for many years!!!!

We have a bunch of wonderful, loving dogs looking for a new home , too........please go to www.huskyhaven.org and check it out........and keep those donations for our boy coming.....Thanks!!!


  1. She looks so happy. I guess it was worth the wait!!
    Sadly there are two in Harris Co. Black white males. Small size.

  2. Beautiful girl! Glad she found a wonderful home. Great job! Love seeing the pics of our sweet broken legged dog...hope he gets a wonderful home soon, too! He's such a sweetie..after everything he's been through...all he wants to do is give kisses! Becky Raney. (Husky Haven volunteer).