Thursday, April 12, 2012

Puppies,Whitney and Nellie updates....

Husky Haven puppies are 11 weeks old today!!!!! I'm going to show some pictures and video I took today and probably tomorrow I'm going to post pictures from two months ago against today......they have grown so much!!!! 

Milly is the calm little girl!!!

Willy and Lilly playing tug of war

Billy and Silly trying to get the last of the milk and cereal!!!

Just chillin' !!!!!

I took a couple of pictures of Whitney this was sprinkling so they aren't as clear as I would have least you can see she has gained some weight and her skin is looking better. A month ago she would barely move from her she goes out and has interaction with other dogs......all of these things are a plus for her continued recovery.

Such a pretty girl!!!!

Come on.....It's time to eat!!!!
I posted about Nellie and her move to Oklahoma a week or so ago and I'm pleased to have pictures of Nellie in her new you can see, she is loving it!!!!!! Husky Haven is always happy to see our babies content in their new surroundings!!!!
What a life.......

I mean seriously!!!!!

Playing with new friends!!!!
The puppies should be getting rabies shots and we will be spaying/neutering soon. If you can help please go to We appreciate it.....check out our other sweet adoptable babies too!!!


  1. Glad for happy endings. I'm sure those puppies will find good homes too.


  2. I'm always glad for happy endings.....the puppies will be fine..we will get them great homes!!!!!