Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I want to talk a bit about Whitney. Husky Haven rescued her from animal control in mid February. She was just found walking on the streets , trying to fend for herself. I didn't post previously, she was so sick....we needed to see what happened. She had intestinal problems and weighed about 20 pounds less than she should have. She also had some patches that looked like mange......could have been anything at that point. I was scared she was not going to make it. We literally had to force feed her for the first few weeks. At the same time we noticed she was exhibiting signs of distemper......snotty nose, fever, discharge around the eyes.....this was probably why she couldn't keep anything down. We found a doctor in Houston that uses a new vaccine for have to give it to the dog before they start exhibiting neurological symptoms. She wasn't there yet and she was the perfect candidate. She was given a series of injections over two days and then it was wait and see. In a few days her nose cleared up, eyes too, and no fever. The great thing is that she started eating on her own!!!! 

Whitney in February

Such a sweet face

This is how skinny she was....I could put my hand more than halfway around her

Some kind of skin condition on both sides of her body
Not sure if she's completely out of the woods yet......still painfully thin. She does eat many times a day, so things look hopeful. We would like to get a few more pounds on her and then get her to a loving family so she can start her life over. If you can contribute to Whitney's care , please go to , all help is appreciated. Tomorrow, some current pictures of Whitney and a puppy update!!!!!!

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