Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pet Expo 2012

Last Saturday was Pet Expo. This was the second year and they expanded the space and had a lot more rescues. They also had Shorty Rossi of The Pit Boss, doing his book tour there. We were excited for the show was a fun venue last year and this year did not dissapoint. We brought three dogs with us......Mallory, Skylar and Effie. Effie and Skylar had never been to a really crowded venue , so I was hoping they would be on their best behavior. No need to worry , all three of them were perfect!!!! We had a wonderful time.....and it looks like we will get three, and maybe more adoptions from the show. I used to count a show as successful by the amount of donations, and I really like donations......but it's a great show by the amount of dogs we get to wonderful new homes. Looks like we accomplished that!!!!
Shorty signing books

Check out Hercules chilling on the table!!!! hair looked pretty good!!!

Shorty and me!!!!!

Donna, Barbie and our girl Mallory.......

Skylar and Mallory

Barbie, Barb, Donna and Skylar working the booth

The girls with Skylar and Mallory

Our babies, Skylar and Mallory!!!

Mark holding his girl Effie with Felicia looking on!!!!

Effie waiting for someone to pet her......

Mallory and Effie

Donna, Kim and Cyndii

This is King from the agility booth next to you can see he was dressed as a stripper for the costume contest..I couldn't resist!!!!!
I want to thank the hardest working crew ever........Cyndii, Donna, Barb, Donna M., Barbie, Natalie,Tracey, Kim, Mark and guys were fantastic. Also , our boy Skylar will be on the cover of Urban Paws magazine next month......if you are in Houston.....pick one up!!!

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