Sunday, October 23, 2016

Last Weekend......

So last Saturday we took our dogs to Houston Baptist University. HBU's mascot is from Husky Haven so they asked me five months ago to help put together an event with them. Of course I was thrilled and got my friend, Denise, involved with me. We had pics taken with the women's basketball team, meetings, etc. Denise and I worked tirelessly for the October 15th date when HBU would have homecoming and we would have a huge event. Best laid plans......needless to say. I am going to write some more and share more pics, but suffice to say our dogs had the very best time. I have a few pics here and a lot more to come.....thanks Lady Huskies for loving on the dogs!!!
Amika front, Kaskea in the back


Kaila watching the game with her buddy, Nache

Sapphire having the best time.....
These were my pics, but I'm going to be posting pictures taken by Laura, they are so much more professional!!!!
Have a wonderful evening!!!!


  1. Who knew Amika could be so sweet and calm? Robert was thinking we'd switched dogs on him! And Sapphire was loving life, having all those hands on her, rubbing, scratching and petting on demand. It was just amazing to see how all the pups responded to all that unconditional love. They really need to get out and get some attention so they can get homes. They are so deserving!

    1. I know she was great.....they all were!!! So hoping last weekend we would get them all homes......