Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One fantastic story!!!!

I had a couple of other things I was going to post today....but this story takes all precedence. Monday, midday, I got a note from our director with a plea to please post a dog in animal control. Actually it was a Mom and her nine puppies that were going to be put down that night.
Our director hadn't seen the e-mail earlier due to her we were in a panic to get to get the family out. Pat put them on  hold for the next day and I posted far and wide hoping for a miracle!!! And we got a miracle!!! One of our long time volunteers , Angie, stepped up and took the whole family. You can't believe what a relief that was....all these babies were going to be safe!! The good thing is we have a lot of people willing to take the babies as foster when they are weaned from Mom. Sometimes when I'm struggling so hard  
to figure out all the horrible stuff that happens , there are good things that happen to make my day easier. Just look over the last year, Karina and her puppies, BLD, Iniki and Murray and now this family. When people come through like this it renews my faith in humans, somewhat!!! Here is the contrasting picture from last night........
They know that they a warm and safe....that picture makes me cry. I know that a lot of you have helped us in the last year with all our kids....but I'm asking for your help again. All of the dogs will need shots, food and everything else imaginable. Two of the puppies aren't doing so well, so they may need more help from the vet. Please, if you can help these tiny two week old babies and their Momma, go to Husky Haven and donate to our PayPay. Any amount will help these puppies get into a new home. Thank you so much.


  1. She's resting...she knows she and her baby's are safe. So sweet. Thanks Angie for taking them.

    Becky Raney

  2. Thanks so much, Angie! It's good to know that mama is safe and that she and the babies will be getting the nutrition they need to thrive!


  3. Wonderful news!!! Yea!! Big victory to celebrate!!! Congrats!!

  4. Thanks for sharing and we wish them well from across the pond. Our paws are crossed for each and everyone of them. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly