Friday, December 28, 2012

Hope you had a great Christmas!!!!

We did.....had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner with my best boys......

My Dad, a WWII vet, my bro Mike and my son Ian...

The dogs got to have some fun too....we had so much ham left over that they are getting a little bit for dinner with their dog food every night.....they are super happy!!!! Wanted to show a pic of my tree too......since I retired money for Christmas has been pretty tight.....but I love looking at my tree all season!!!!
But now on to other things. I have to give some props to my Louisiana friends in this post. We had a dog that one of our new friends to the rescue, Amy, picked up on the 17th. Someone had let him loose on the streets of Houston.....she found him and rescued him. He had mange, was heartworm positive and underweight for his size. She couldn't keep I put out a note on facebook and within minutes I got a call from my good friend Velvet in Louisiana.......she decided to take him the weekend before Christmas and take care of him. All is going well he is being treated for mange and heartworm and doing great in his new home.
This is Nico, glad to have a new home for the holidays!
I also have to send a big thank you to my friends Greg and Stephanie, also in Louisiana. I posted about Maya a few months ago, she had been taken to a high kill shelter, her chances were not good....but once again this family stepped up and ran to rescue her! She had been shaved and looked pretty bad.

Maya then
But check out how she looks today!!!
A little love and care can do wonders!!!
So thanks Amy, Velvet, Greg and have done a terrific job!!!
If you have a chance, please check Husky Haven's facebook page. There are a ton of beautiful Huskies that are going to be put down in the next few days, maybe some of you can make sure they have a Happy New Year.
Have a wonderful evening...


  1. Love and care CAN do wonders...if people everywhere really believed that....

  2. Maya looks great now, glad she and Nico have foster homes! Hope more people will foster in the new year. Have a good one!

    1. I hope more people foster and adopt this year too!!! Thanks for stopping by!