Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!!!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!! I'm so glad I started my let me get so many dogs out there for everyone to see. I have a few dogs to show today.....two are Husky Haven's and two are Best Friends FurEver. I like to post  all of them....maybe one of you will see someone to be your pal next year.Both of our babies will be coming home from the kennel after Christmas......then they both need to be spay/neutered and will be on our website!!
This is Ciella.....she is blind in her left eye.....but not a problem for her!!! She is sweet as she can be, will be looking for her new home sometime after the first of the year!!!
Here is absolutely stunning all white boy.....he just wants hugs and'll get a lot of kisses from him!!!

This is Sheba....part Shar-Pei.....a lovely small, sweet girl......she looks pretty in the collar I brought along.

And finally Tiger.....really don't know what breed he is, but he is wonderful and a love!!
If you are considering getting a dog or cat before the new year.....please go to a rescue!! There are so many animals out there looking for a wonderful home with you. Go to Husky Haven to check out our beautiful babies, or if you have another breed in mind , check out Best Friends FurEver. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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