Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where has the week gone....

It's been a super busy week, trips to the vet (only checkups!!) , termite inspection (don't have any) and many trips to the kennels and it's Sunday already!!! So, top of the blog is a big thanks to my friend , Becks. Not only has she been helping Husky Haven, she's been helping out another rescue , their director is in the hospital, and she's been out me helping with kennel dogs a couple of days a week!!! She works a regular job , too!!! Thanks girl, can't do it without you!!!
A super cool thing happened today.....FiveSibes: Siberian Husky News and Reviews is featuring my blog !!!! Please go to facebook and Like them!!! They used the blog post with Iniki.....remember we still need help with her, go to Husky Haven and please donate, thanks!!!
So I said I would post some very happy we go!!!
I am so excited to see my foster from last year Meeshka. She will be coming to Pet Expo on April 13th  at Reliant, that's the show last year that her Mom and Dad first laid eyes on her, and fell in love!!! She won Pet of the Month award at her new home...I've included a picture and, well , I'll just let her tell you.

My name is Meeshka  and I am a miniature Siberian Husky.  My family adopted me almost a year ago after being found by the Pet Police abandoned and wandering the streets. Husky Haven a Rescue organization fostered me until the day my new Mommy spotted me at a Rescue event and gave me this great place to live.  If you wonder why I dressed this way my parents say I am their “Little Angel” so it made sense to wear this for Halloween.
If you see me in the hallways please don’t be alarmed by my size or markings, I am very friendly and sometimes overly excited but really just want to say HI!  Thank you for the award, I hope it comes with treats.  
See you soon , baby girl!!!
I wanted to do an update on Sassy......she was the tiny girl, 9 pounds, that was covered in mange. I'm happy to report that she is doing great and is having a wonderful time at her foster home, thanks Charlene!!!

As you can see she is having fun with her toys!!!
I have a ton of other updates....but got to go to a petsitting job.
Have a great day....


  1. Wow it is all go. Look at Sassy? That is one sweet and happy puppy. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Sassy is super sweet!!! Thanks.

  2. So happy for you that you'll get to see Meeshka again! That's great!!! Glad Sassy is doing better too!Yes, Five Sibes is a wonderful blog with super awesome peeps!!!!

  3. What a great compliment about your blog, Beth! Well earned!


    1. Thanks...was so happy about that!!!

  4. Congratulations Beth!
    I am glad they chose to feature Iniki's story as she is so deserving. The little girl got her staples out on Friday and she is ecstatic! As soon as we got home, she went into the yard and started showing off for Izzy and Captain Jack, prancing and high stepping, wanting to play. She has gained 3.3 lbs, bringing her current weight to 27.6 lbs. Still drastically underweight but making progress. We need to get her weight up and start heart worm treatment. This baby has a long way to go!


    1. I'm so happy for her....she has a great family around her!!!