Monday, March 11, 2013

Mr. Murray.....

I .wanted to give you an update on Murray. He went to the doc on the 27th of February. We were hoping at that time that he would have a least one of his pins removed (he has 6 holding everything together). The one at his elbow area has been giving him trouble and we hoped that would alleviate some of the pain. No luck , he has an infection in that area and instead is on antibiotics till the 13th when he goes back for another check-up. So this Wednesday we are hoping the infection is better and he can have the surgery he needs to take out that pin. Other than that, he is doing quite well. He wants to run around, but can't quite get there and we have been having to keep him relatively quiet these last two weeks so he can heal.
Wow...I wish I could run around!!!

I'm patiently waiting for my doctors appointment this week!!!!
If you can donate to Murray's surgery and recovery, please go to Husky Haven and donate through our PayPal. Thanks so much for all the love you have sent our boy!!! Update after the doctor this week!!!
Have a great evening!!!!!


  1. We hope all will be well. Our paws are crossed. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I will add to the coffer this week and hope for a good result for Murray! He looked so good on Saturday that at first I did not recognize him! He has such good healers!


  3. Pat said the check up went well on the 13th but did not indicate if the pin was coming out. Any news on that? I saw Murray on the evening of the 12th and he wanted to run and play so badly! He is looking great :-D